There are very few things in life that feel as heavenly as a good night’s sleep after a long, exhausting day. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury (why is it even a luxury, really?) to rest in a comfortable bed, with their mattress and pillows adjusting to their sleep needs regardless of sleeping position. Often, people don’t think much of their comfort until it’s too late – when they’ve gone through one too many sleepless nights, with a hurt back, neck pain, and everything else that goes with an uncomfortable bed. But things don’t have to be that way, really. When you pair up with a company that works to keep you comfortable, much can be done more easily.


What exactly is this about?

MyPillow is a company that has patented interlocking fill adjusts for your pillows, allowing you to hold proper positions all night, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The company has developed from one man’s sleeping problems (Mike Lindell, the owner) and his desire to help everyone with the same difficulty. MyPillow products are high-quality pillows with patented, interlocking fillers that adjust to your exact individual needs. You can get them in different sizes, depending on what you’d like for your bed. The range of pillows spans from a 2-pack offer and 4-pack special to Premium, Premium-classic and Platinum series along with Giza Elegance and Supima pillows. Each of these offers is adjusted per the user’s needs.


Why do these pillows work?

MyPillow pillows are designed to conform to your shape, gently cradling the head and neck. Unlike other pillows that tend to lose their shape over time and during the night, these pillows stay just the way you like them all night long. What is more, they are a long-term investment that’s good for your health. MyPillow pillows come with a 10-year warranty and are easy to maintain (they are both machine washable and dryable).


Does the company offer other products, too?

MyPillow products aren’t only limited to pillows. Pillowcases, bed sheets, mattresses, mattress toppers, art pillowcases, and even pet beds are all part of the extensive MyPillow offer! With this company, it’s literally you name it – they have it. Sleeping perks like mattress protectors, neck and body pillows, bolster pillows and similar products are available for browsing and ordering under “Other products” on the company’s website as well, so make sure you check it out for more options!


Are MyPillow products expensive?

That depends on what constitutes expensive for you. Generally speaking, the company is very transparent with their prices, since every product has a price next to it, with potential discounts and specials available (depending on the product, season, etc.). According to MyPillow reviews, the products are relatively expensive but those who like it, say it’s money well spent. Consumers refer to these products as the “Best sleep I’ve ever had.” However, there are some negative reviews attached to the brand, too. The majority of MyPillow complaints seem to reflect on the poor quality of the pillows, the company’s bad customer service agility, and the overwhelming number of infomercials placed about this product. Others complain about the warranty being false, with the company refusing to refund faulty products.

In summary, MyPillow pillows and other products of the same brand could be your answer to solving sleep problems – if you are willing to give it a go at a hefty buck.