New businesses and startups are emerging everywhere now. When you start a business, the first thing you need to get straight after having a unique idea is the financing of the business. A lot of times, you have decided that you want to take up a loan to start your business or even to expand your business, but you don’t have enough knowledge of the market. For people who don’t have a lot of knowledge, services like TrustPilot are now available to make their lives easier. Even if you have knowledge of the market, TrustPilot helps in saving your time to a great extent!

TrustPilor offers you to compare the lenders of Sweden conveniently to be able to choose the one that suits your needs. The best part about using TrustPilot’s services is that it helps you in meeting lender that will also offer the lowest interest rates in town. Isn’t that the best possible thing for a borrower? The interest rates start from SEK 10,000 and may go up to SEK 2,000,000. The loans are unsecured loans that are corporate in nature and have maturities that are between 4 to 24 months. If you want to select the best lender, you are exactly where you should have been! TrustPilot allows you to make a comparison between everything, from Interest rates to customer ratings and even the fees that will be charged. I know that is a sigh of relief for a borrower!

You can easily select the amount of loan that you want to take up or whatever suits your needs and the term of maturity that you desire. Selecting the term and the amount will show you the lenders that you can take the loans from. For the convenience of the borrowers, TrustPilot allows you to sort the options available through various filters; Lowest loan amount, Highest rating, and Lowest interest rate. You can simply filter the results to match your needs and specifications. The information that is available regarding the lenders has all the essential details and requirements that you will need to meet to take up the loan. The monthly cost has been mentioned along with the amount that will be refunded at the end of the term of the loan. All these details are mentioned along with the ratings given by previous borrowers. Doesn’t that make borrowing a lot easier? This isn’t it! There is a lot more information available regarding the lenders so that taking a decision is straightforward and simple for you borrowers. Personal guarantee required are mentioned for the borrower along with notification or payout. The requirement for security, if there is any, is also stated with any setup fee that may be charged. To add to the bundle of information, the credit and hours are also given for the convenience of the borrower. All you need to do this compare business loans (if you search it in Sweden, you can look for jämför företagslån) that are mentioned and see what suits your needs.


The Best Corporate Loan of January 2019

Among the lenders offering loans at TrustPilot, Froda has been ranked the highest. It is believed to be the best corporate lender of loans in Sweden. It has a rating of 9.2 out of 10 and has remained unmatched till now. It has almost 115 reviews on TrustPilot and the reviews make it even more popular among the new borrowers as people rely on the reviews to a great extent. Froda offers its customers flexible options in loans. You can choose corporate loans without a collateral between SEK 10,000 up to SEK 1,000,000. The maturity that Froda makes available is from 4to 18 months. The best part about Froda is that you can sign up with BankID and the money will be placed in your account within the next 24 hours. The borrowing at Froda is done at a fixed cost without any additional fee being charged. The process of applying is also very easy. Just select the amount, choose the repayment period and give in some details. You are good to go! You can get the quotation through an email with no hidden costs. Froda is making the lives of many borrowers easy by its exceptional services!

How to apply for a business loan

  1. Decide the amount and maturity:

The first step is to select the amount between SEK 10,000 to SEK 2,000,000 and then go on to select the maturity from between 4 months to 24 months. Froda will offer you maturity of 4 months and a loan of amount SEK 10,000. On the other hand, Ferratum Business and Likvid offer loans that go up to the maximum limit of SEK 2,000,000.

  1. Corporate loans (unsecured):

This is definitely good news for the borrowers! All the loans are unsecured, which means that the borrowers don’t have to pledge their property against the loan. In any case, it is still recommended that you do into the details of the personal guarantee requirements that are mentioned on the website.

  1. Get the cheapest loan:

When you select the term and choose the amount of the loan, all possible lenders that are available are shown to you. The ratings of the lenders are also displayed and it is simple for you to select the lenders based on their popularity with the previous borrowers. The monthly dost and the repayment that are mentioned there are calculated based on the lowest interest rate that is offered. If the lender hasn’t specified anything regarding the interest rate, an average interest rate may be taken to calculate the monthly costs and repayment. Another important factor is that your company’s creditworthiness will also determine what interest rate is offered to you.

BankID has now been introduced to make borrowing money easier and more convenient for you. At first, getting a loan involved visits to the bank, but now authentication has been made simpler through BankID. Fetching a lender that matches your requirements is now a piece of cake with TrustPilot’s services!