Combi ovens as the name describes is a combination of different functions which are present in a single oven. Generally these functions are:

  • Convection
  • Steam
  • Combinations cooking

Now we know that our food needs a lot of processing before it comes to our plates and behind every tasteful bite there is a whole team working for it. In order to ensure a constant quality of your product, when you are in food business, you need to have good machinery and you will need a kind of machine which will do maximum of the tasks in a single go. Luckily, Unox is a company, which will provide solution to all your problems which you might have to face in your commercial kitchen.

How Does A Combi Oven Work?

Combination oven is relatively a new idea in the market but it has got fame instantly due its many benefits and now many commercial kitchens and restaurants are using combination ovens. The working of a typical combination oven involves several functions which are primarily based on your cooking requirements. Unox ovens  provide a wide range of combination ovens from you can choose the one which suits you best.

Convection Mode:

The convection mode in combi ovens works under the basic principle of convection.  In combination ovens dry heat method of convection is used to cook food. The way it works is that the dry heat is circulated in oven and thus it results in cooking the food present in it. This type of cooking is ideal for baking pastries and almost all kind of breads.

Steam Mode:

In our day to day life, we use steam methods to cook a large variety of food. The steam mode in combination oven does exactly the same job but in a rather smart way. When a combination oven is on steam mode, the water is injected into the food to cook it. This works the best if you want to pouch fish or if you want to cook rice to the perfection. Vegetable can also be cooked by this method and the best part is that in steam mode, none of mineral from the vegetable gets wasted.

Combination Mode:

Combination mode is the real wizard and the reason to develop such type of ovens at the first place. In combination mode both convection by dry heat and steam methods are used to maintain that perfect humidity level in your food which will make it finger liking good. Isn’t it great that you can actually control the moisture levels in your food? You can adjust these levels from 0% to absolutely 100%.  At 100% humidity, you will be able to cook your food at extremely high heat without burning it and excessively drying it.

One of its main benefits is that it manages the heat, creating the desired heating level, decreasing the possibility of shrinkage or any loss of weight for the food, while improving cooking results through better cooking.