All You Need to Know about Nuchal Cord

A nuchal cord is an umbilical cord complication that occurs when this cord gets wrapped around the newborn’s neck. If not taken care of properly, it can choke them, particularly during labor and at the time of delivery. However, once the nuchal cord is unwrapped in a proper manner, the baby can lead a healthy life with no complications at all.


Here is all that you need to know about nuchal cord:


Causes of a Nuchal Cord

There are a number of reasons that can lead to this condition. The chances of occurrence of such a situation are high if there a lady is expecting twins or multiples. However, an extra-long umbilical cord can also result in a nuchal cord condition. In some cases, a baby’s acrobatic movements in the womb may also get the cord placed around their neck. Other causes of a nuchal cord include excessive amniotic fluid and poor cord structure.


Diagnosis of a Nuchal Cord

There are no symptoms of this condition; hence, it can only be diagnosed with the help of an ultrasound. Even with the ultrasound, it can difficult to evaluate whether it poses any risk to the baby or not. Therefore, it is important for a pregnant lady to get ultrasounds done on monthly basis. This will help in the quick diagnosis of this condition so that she can have a nuchal cord complication and risk-free labor and delivery.


Quick Facts Related to Nuchal Cord

  • It is a common myth related to nuchal cords that if during an ultrasound, it has been diagnosed around the baby’s neck, C-Section is a must for childbirth. However, it is absolutely not true. A woman can have a normal delivery, without any complications, even if in nuchal cord cases.
  • A tight nuchal cord may also not prove to be risky for the newborn.
  • There are cases when there are multiple loops in a nuchal cord. This can only prove to be risky when the cord is short. If it is long enough, the baby can be delivered without any complications.
  • A nuchal cord poses absolutely no risk to the mother. The baby is at the risk that too only in certain conditions. Furthermore, casualties caused by this condition are quite low. Therefore, if your ultrasound report shows a nuchal cord, there is no need to take stress or panic.
  • A case in which a nuchal cord can prove to be harmful to the baby is when the oxygen supply and blood flow gets restricted as it gets entangled. This can result in heart rate abnormalities.
  • Lastly, there is no risk of stillbirth caused by a nuchal cord. Various researches have been conducted on this subject. However, no conclusive study has been found.

To sum it up, a nuchal cord condition definitely deserves attention as the doctor needs to be extra careful and tactful while bringing the baby to this world. However, the risk factor is quite low.

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