Never Worry About Unwanted Calls Again: Review of imp – The Smart Home Upgrade for Your Landline Phone

Are you tired of the endless barrage of spam calls, scam calls, political calls, and survey calls that your landline phone receives? If so, then it may be time to take a look at impTM – the smart home upgrade for your landline phone. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore why imp is the perfect addition to any home.

Stop Unwanted Landline Calls

imp is different from traditional call blocking tools because it prevents unwanted calls before they even ring on your device. Instead of merely blocking numbers after they call once or twice, imp stops them before they ever reach you. No more Do Not Call Registry – just peace and quiet!

imp accomplishes this magic by starting with a list of contacts you WANT to hear from.  If one of the wanted contacts calls, imp lets your home phone ring.   (Only about 15% of all landline calls are wanted.)   If someone calls who is not on the list of wanted callers, imp either hangs up on them or takes a message. And then delivers that message to you via a smart phone app.   imp stores an unlimited number of contacts and phone numbers so that you can customize which numbers you want to hear from and which ones you don’t.

5-Minute Plug-and-Play Setup

The 5-minute plug-and-play setup makes it incredibly easy to get started with imp – no technical skills required! Simply plug the imp box into any existing landline phone jack in your home, download the imp app to your smartphone, and follow the instructions onscreen to start enjoying a life without unwanted calls today.

Privacy is Their Priority
Your privacy is their top priority.  imp takes security seriously and all data is encrypted with a unique passkey for every single user account that is stored on their secure servers. imp has promised to never sell or distribute any user data.

Works with All Major Phone Brands & Providers
imp works great with all major landline phone brands like Panasonic, AT&T, Uniden, VTech etc., as well as all major landline providers like Verizon Fios, Time Warner Cable etc., making it easy for anyone to upgrade their landline phones today!

Real-Time Remote Management

With imp’s real-time remote management feature, you can easily manage all aspects of your phone system anywhere in the world. After setup, the imp app on your smartphone allows you to control and manage the landline from wherever you might be.  You can also access detailed reports about who has called, what types of numbers have been blocked recently and how many times each number has called. This helps to ensure that you are always up-to-date with who is calling and when.


If you’re looking for an easy way to stop 100% of unwanted landline calls, then look no further than imp – the smart home upgrade for your landline phone. With its easy 5-minute plug-and-play setup, real-time remote management features, unlimited contact storage capabilities, and commitment to ensuring user privacy – it’s never been easier or safer to enjoy a life free from spam and scam calls! So stop worrying about unwanted callers – try out imp today!