New ADSS Optical Cable Pre-Stranded Suspension Set: 5 Features to Check out

ADSS cable, together with OPGW cable, is the most significant suspension system used for overhead high voltage transmission system communication lines, lightning-prone areas, large-span overhead laying environment of communication lines, etc. An ADSS Optical Cable Pre-stranded Suspension Set is the tool to suspend and support the cable.

Henvcon is a professional manufacturer of the preformed fittings for OPGW&ADSS Cable with seven years’ experience. Accumulation hasn’t been a stop for their progress, Henvcon has been researching more advanced cable accessories. Recently, it has created a new type of product called ADSS Optical Cable Pre-stranded Suspension Set. Following are the details about the new product.



It is composed of structural reinforcing strip, outer strands, draping components, connecting metal (U-shaped hanging ring), structural fasteners, etc. This ADSS Optical Cable Pre-stranded Suspension Set has both single suspension set and double suspension set.



It acts as support. Suspend the all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable (ADSS) on the intermediate support tower or a tower with a rotation angle less than 25 degrees.

Used for ADSS cable in the intermediate support tower connection, its combination of inner and outer helical pre-twisted wires can protect the cable better. No concentrated stress is caused. It could also avoid the bending stress, playing a protective and auxiliary role in vibration reduction.



  1. better contacting: compared to the previous products, this suspension set has a larger contact area with ADSS cable, with a uniform stress distribution. Thus, there is no stress concentration point; all the stress could be distributed evenly. At the same time, the stiffness of the cable is enhanced at the hanging point position, which helps it play a better protective role.
  2. better loading: Even when ADSS cable runs under unbalanced load, it could provide better dynamic stress endurance and can offer enough grip force to protect the ADSS cable.
  3. less abrasion: Equipped with flexible rubber clamps, the suspension set enhances its self-damping and reduces all the wear.
  4. enhanced design: The end grinding treatment has done a great job to increase the corona initiation voltage.
  5. superior materials: High-quality aluminum alloy material improves the mechanical and anti-corrosive properties of wire clamps and significantly prolongs their service life span.


Other tips about ordering:

  1. You need to choose the appropriate suspension clamp based on the parameters of ADSS cable, such as the running distance, outer diameter, and ultimate tensile strength. We now have the different suspension sets for less and more than 150m span length.
  2. Quantity allocation: one set of the linear tower or corner tower with an angle less than 25 degrees.
  3. You ought to choose the appropriate connection fittings according to the hanging points on the poles and towers.

With 25,000-square-meter factory, Henvcon has a capacity to produce and ship preformed fittings (OPGW&ADSS) about 500,000Km per year. It is now certified to ISO 9001:2015, GB/T19001-2016, CNAS, and CEPRI certification. Over 15 professional R&D engineers and timely technical support ensure the solutions to be provided in high quality and at a competitive price, which allows customers to put their trust in this business.

This time, for the production of ADSS Optical Cable Pre-stranded Suspension Set, they are also sticking to the goal of safety, professionalism, and superiority. All the effort has been paid to achieve an extraordinary product. In this case, it could provide the most reliable support to the ADSS cable set.

To give the cable installation a more reliable and convenient as well as safer protection, you could have a try to cooperate with Henvcon, and this new suspension set is worth your investment.