The gambling and casino industry is changing on a daily basis and nothing is driving this change more than new technology. As traditional brick-and-mortar casinos begin to empty out, the online gambling industry is exploding with new business, with a projected growth rate of 8.77% in the next five years.

Let’s have a look at some of the groundbreaking technologies behind its success.


Mobile Breakthroughs

Most serious gamblers still use online platforms designed for laptops and desktops but there has recently been a huge increase in the use of Android and iOS-based mobile platforms. Players from around the world are starting to adopt mobile platforms for their portability and ease-of-use. Faster and more secure cellular networks mean players can play safely at any time from anywhere in the world.

In fact, many young people today use only mobile devices like smartphones or tablets for all their online activities. While laptops still rule the world of online work, mobile devices are quickly replacing them for any social or gaming needs. The speed and simplicity of installing mobile apps compared to downloading software make them far more attractive to new and old users alike.


Wider Accessibility

Simpler, faster and more affordable are three of the key tenets required to make a technology successful. That is exactly what is happening with VPN software, which goes hand-in-hand with access to online gambling platforms. Players from countries with restrictive internet law rely on VPNs to access sites that would otherwise be blocked.

For online gambling, it’s imperative to have a fast and secure connection, so a decent VPN is a must. In the past, finding a quality VPN service was a difficult and expensive exercise but nowadays they are becoming much cheaper and more widely available. The United States has recently begun relaxing its gambling laws but many states are still restricted. If you’re in one of these, check out the guide to US online casinos.


Blockchain Technology

When online casinos first hit the Internet in the early 2000s, fraud and corruption quickly became a problem. Unscrupulous online operators could too easily cheat the system, trick customers, unfairly tip the scales in their favor, or just outright steal their customer’s funds. As time progressed, the wild west days of the early Internet gave way to better regulations and stricter controls but still, online gambling held a stigma of distrust.

Now, blockchain technology has presented a new way of reassuring customers by providing an entirely transparent, immutable and incorruptible method of auditing an online casino’s behavior in real-time. The distributed nature of a blockchain-based ledger means neither player nor operator can alter transactions and all transactions are completely transparent to anyone who wishes to view them. An online casino built on blockchain technology is a casino you can trust!


Virtual Reality

Another issue with online platforms is their lack of social interaction. Many players who have moved online find they miss the ambiance, chatter, and general excitement of being in a real casino. Now, virtual reality technologies promise to bring this environment directly into your living room via VR headsets.

Connect and interact with real players and croupiers in a genuine casino setting from the comfort of your armchair, using just a VR console. The sights, sounds, and possibly one day even the smells will all be available through the magic of virtual reality!