OSRS is the real MVP of Online Old School games. Since its release in 2013, Jagex has spent countless years and innovative technology to make sure the game earns a competitive and a solid place on the leaderboard of the best games to play online. Not only that, OSRS or Old School Run Scape has earned a global fan base, with its edge cutting and playful content, broken several world records and even better you can play this game for years and years without growing tired of it.

Run Scape was initially released in 2001, setting a high standard for MMORPG genre with competitors like Ever Quest and Ultima Online. They really changed and introduced epic innovations in the genre of online or browsing games. While the world was still figuring out the internet, browsing and the MMORPG , Run Scape was already leading and paving way to influence an online community of browsing gamers.

Run Scape was then polished, restored, tweaked and re-released in 2013 as OSRS with additional content and a better game play. This intervention introduced the browser game to an even wider group of audience online. Unlike other browsing games where the developer usually introduce new tweaks and updates which are generally disliked buy the audience. OSRS used an innovative way to add additional tweaks and patches. Instead of introducing it themselves they conducted an audience poll to figure out what works best for their audience and online gamer community.

You can subscribe for a minimum of $10 for a month and pay additional amount for gold and to access various features on the game. If you are interested in buying RuneScape gold and access additional features you can find good, credible online sources that also offer great discount coupons. Just log on to the site and you can literally ask for discount coupons in the live chat room in order to save up money on buying gold for Run Scape.

Once you are ready you can start of by building up your character, followed by a nice tutorial of the island you are going to be playing on. Once you have figured out your character you are really ready to set your foot into one of the best game plays ever created for an online browsing game. You can set up goals for yourself. Initially you can work towards a particular goal or increase and achieve a new skill. Other than that you can play and unlock different quests and basically just navigate through the game play however you want.  You can buy OSRS gold in order to increase your skills and unlock new content in the game. Moreover, you can improve your skill set, unlock new achievements and find more quests by buying gold online.

The new tweaks also introduced features that are now compatible with a touch screen or a keyboard. Initially the game play was designed to function well with a mouse and keyboard and did great in that context. The game also features astonishing features and multiple quests that will have you completely and unapologetically immersed into the game. The gameplay offers a great and fun approach to browser games. When using a touch screen you can move your character around with a little touch while accessing various other modes and gameplays with a longer touch.

Move your character around, find new places to explore within the OSRS realm, figure out quests, achieve new skill and basically have fun. You can also run an online search on Google in order to fully understand how certain parts of the game work or to find out about any missing or hidden eater eggs that you might discover within the gameplay. It’s always fun to run an online search on either YouTube or other social handles to really understand the game. You will be surprised to find great content online, regarding OSRS that will help you unlock better features and even figure out new quests and achievements.

But it’s fun and interesting to explore the realm yourself, in order to really and fully immerse into the game. Take a walk down the OSRS realm and explore fun and weird stuff on the islands.

In the OSRS gamer community it is usually considered a sort of an achievement to play the game without buying and spending gold. But honestly, I have been playing this game for a really long time now and the kind of quests and achievements I am able to unlock with the use of gold are fabulous! You can literally achieve and have access to some really cool features, skill upgrades, equipment and new content within the OSRS gameplay and virtual realm. Buy gold stock and you’ll be thanking me later. Honestly it is one of the best things to come out of the browser gaming genre.

With the advent of Mobile phones and tablets, the online game play genre has really changed. Most of the games lack depth or a good story line, with an unnecessary bombardment of ads and annoying updates. OSRS not only has a good story line but it also put you in direct control of the game play and content. You can spend gold on your choice of achievements and features. Not only that the entire gameplay will have you on your feet the entire time in order be more immersed into it because, honestly it is that interesting.

If you have been looking for some interesting, cross dimensional, multi-realm and character games with an actual story to play, while you are on the bus to your way home, or in between work hours, then OSRS is the answer. You will be so immersed you might actually miss a stop or two! Build your character, explore the wonderful realm of OSRS, use gold to unlock exclusive features and create your own universe of interesting and cool characters. Take a seat and enjoy the virtual realm of the Old School Run Scape gameplay and be advised to not to get too addicted. I am warning you! Browse now, buy gold, explore and have fun!