There are many factors that go into a well-rounded law school application. The applicant needs to have a great school record, a good attitude, and finally an excellent LSAT score.

Many students forget the importance of the LSAT, but you cannot ignore it. It takes 4 years of hard work to a get a killer GPA, and you don’t want that to go to waste. The LSAT is just as important as a good GPA. You need to properly prepare for the LSAT. If you do well on the LSAT and have good grades, then you will definitely get into a good law school.

Now you know how important the LSAT is, but how should you study for it? You can self-study. There are countless, free resources online to help out. You should checkout the LSAC website, they are the makers of the LSAT. There is a practice test, a short study guide, and a bunch of other info on the LSAT.


One of the best options for help in getting a great score is a LSAT tutor, but there are many other resources to help out.

Another great resource is Khan Academy. They are a well-known company that has helped thousands of students.  They have a great LSAT program that covers every section of the test. You will learn about how to approach those tricky logic games, which is the bane of most students. In addition, it covers lessons on logic and the other sections.


Perhaps you want a book. The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim is a great one. It is one of best selling LSAT books out there, so you know it must be good. Mike explains everything in clear terms, and the book is great for total beginners. You will learn all about the different techniques and the different questions types. The LSAT is a tricky test, but this book can be an intro.

So maybe you need some extra support. A LSAT class is an excellent option for many students. There are a ton of courses to choose from. Some are bad and some are good, so make sure to do your research. It is super important!

Also, many courses can be taken online now. This is a great option for students that might have a busy schedule.

A LSAT course is great for an introduction. It will cover all the aspects of the test, but you still need to work hard. You need to come to class with a good attitude, and do all the homework. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it. And try to make some friends. It is great to find a study buddy to keep you focused.

A course will give you the fundamentals, but sometimes you need more. You need more personalized attention. This is when you need a LSAT tutor. A good tutor can spot your weaknesses and fix them. This is the best option, since you will be well taken cared for, and it is the fastest way to improve. So get to work, and get a great score!