Ah, who remembers the stone age before smartphones, the internet and imagine a world without social media? I’m not sure how we told our friends about our workout before social media. I guess they just had to trust us. I’m not sure how we ever survived but we managed it somehow.

All joking aside, there’s no doubt that the digital age has made so many things easier in our lives.


Yes, there are some negative aspects of the technology this era has brought forth, but used correctly, we’ve benefitted in so many areas of our lives. One of the areas to benefit from new tech; our health.

Anybody with a health goal before the digital era would be left in the dark about whether they were doing the right thing. If something wasn’t working, you didn’t have a clue why.


Here are three pieces of health calculator tech that makes weight loss an absolute breeze:


  1. Calorie and Macro Calculators


These days, you have some amazing calculators that developers and website’s have made available online for free. You can track every last part of your health down to the number.

You have the superb IIFYM macro calculator on LiftNLive which works out how many calories you burn daily, how much you burn from your job, daily activity and workouts.


Then, it spits out an accurate calorie target you should aim to eat (down to the last calorie!) to reach your goal – whether that’s weight loss or gaining lean muscle tissue.


2) Calorie and Macro Tracking Apps and Calculators


Once you have an idea of the calories you should be consuming, then you have apps like MyFitnessPal. An amazing calorie tracking app that makes tracking calories simple and way less boring than it sounds.


It has a database of what seems like almost every food in the world. You can either search the database or simply scan the barcode on your food packaging for an instant return.


It occasionally gets it wrong as some of the database is user-generated but on the whole it’s impressively accurate.

You choose the portion size of the food you just ate and simply add it to your daily tracker. MFP will then automatically calculate and keep track of your calories, protein, carbs, fats and vitamins. Letting you know how much you’ve got left in your calorie bank for the day.

In literally a few clicks a day, you’ve given yourself a crazy-accurate picture of your diet. This level of accuracy was never available in the days without this technology.


Studies have shown that keeping a food journal doubles weight loss, but what a task this would have been in the days of just a pen and paper.


This is one of the positive impacts that tech is having on our health – one of the most important part of our lives.

We’re able to take advantage of something that doubles our weight loss with a few taps of our phone or a few clicks of a mouse. What a time to be alive.


3) A Smartwatch: Track Daily Activity, Calorie Burn and Sleep


To finish off this effective health tech partnership, try adding a smartwatch to your health arsenal.


This nifty piece of tech will keep an eye on your daily activity. Whether you want to track steps, calories burned, your heart rate, your sleep…it’s all there. Smartwatches don’t have to be expensive and bulky as they used to be. As with every piece of tech, they get refined and more efficient.

You can find one for every budget and there are even ones now that you’d never tell apart from a stylish wristwatch.


Throwing these three ingredients of tech into the mix together is an amazingly effective way to keep on top of your health with minimal fuss.

Your calorie target calculated with an online calculator, your calories tracked with an app and your daily activity tracked with your smartwatch is a potent trident you can throw at your unhealthy habits to get rid of them for good. Try this tech for yourself and see.