Since the first online lottery websites began popping up around a decade ago the industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar market with thousands of different online lottery agents each trying to draw new players to their platform.

But as with any lucrative industry that starts to head online, scammers and con-artists will also start  appearing to try and take advantage of vulnerable people.

It is estimated that millions of dollars are lost each year by online lottery players who fall victim to fake or fraudulent lottery websites. These websites can be deceiving because they often look and operate like legitimate lottery site.

Their operations may differ slightly, but all scam online lottery sites have the same motive: to separate you from your hard-earned cash without offering anything in return.


How can you be sure an online lottery site is legitimate?

As we said above; it can be difficult to tell a fake website apart from a legitimate one just be looking or browsing through the site. A resource that more and more seasoned online lottery players are using to combat scam sites are online lottery review services. They are independent platforms that will use the service of a particular lottery website and then report back on their experiences.

They will use the site in the same way that a new player would; they will register an account, buy lottery tickets, collect winnings and interact with the customer support team. A review is then written informing the potential player on whether or not they should play with the lottery website in question and what they can expect if they choose to do so.


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