The technological development in this era made the online shopping process very easy, saving us a lot of time and effort so we can shop and choose what we want while we are in with our families without having to get out of the house. All we have to do is keep scrolling through  products and choose the right items we’re looking for.
However, people in the Middle East and specifically gulf countries (KSA, Qatar, Kuwait …etc)  are still new to these technological changes and it may take some time for them to adapt to it.

What is An Online Marketplace:

An online marketplace is an e-platform that connects the seller to the buyer remotely by providing many products that the buyer wishes to purchase, using a mobile phone or a computer. This platform directly connects the customer’s orders within a few days. Online shopping is defined as a variety of sales and purchases that include many different kinds of goods such as clothes, cosmetics, furniture and even homes.

However,  some in the Middle East fear shopping online because of not knowing the reliability of the sites or even how to make the purchase.
In this article, we’ll explain how shopping online can make your life easier and how to find the right platform to shop from

Benefits of Shopping Online

1. Save time

I also told you that the online market saves a lot of effort in the traditional shopping process; you can buy the best products in a short period of time instead of those long hours spent as you move from one store to another.

2. Many Options to Shop From

Online Marketplaces offer you a great opportunity to choose what you want carefully. They Display all the details of the item such as colors, sizes and shapes. It also answers all the questions that may have in mind, providing you the best quality and best selling products at cheap prices.

3. Easy Purchasing Process

It’s one of the easiest things to do. A good online marketplace will provide you the product information, prices and various payment gateways that you can use. They can even provide a return policy.

4. Variety of Products

It has an attractive advantage: it has many products in one location; you can move from one section to another to choose the item you want to buy.

5. Delivery service:

Online marketplaces offer you home delivery services at a nominal cost or sometimes free.

6. Working hours:

With unlimited hours of operation, online stores are available at anytime for shoppers to shop from at.

  1. Cost Saving

The e-marketplace provide products at lower prices than the regular markets.

Concerns that Consumers Have

Many Middle Easterns fear that electronic shopping is not guaranteed. You can waste your money on fraudulent websites claiming to be an legitimate online stores, or a difference in the quality of the item after purchase in terms of type, quality and size. Therefore, the shopper must be careful before choosing any online store to shop from.

Here are some tips to help you choose a safe and reliable shopping site.

  1. Find the most popular and secure sites on social networking platforms.
  2. Do not enter shopping links sent to email immediately. The be unsafe links.
  3. Check whether there are any complaints from customers in terms of delivery services and product quality.
  4. Avoid sites that require a lot of unnecessary information such as birth date and national number.
  5. Avoid shopping from computers and public Internet connections.

Having learned all about the online shopping, you no have the right knowloedge of how to identify the right e-marketplaces to shop from at ease.