Computer glasses are a revolution in the optical industry. From blocking harmful blue waves of the white light to preventing several eye-related issues, there are multiple reasons why people are purchasing non-prescription glasses. Computer glasses are especially popular among bankers, graphic designers and other professionals who have to spend several hours on the screen.

What is the market price for a pair of blue light glasses?

Owing to the increasing popularity of computer glasses, there is an expanding number of brands coming up with anti-blue light glasses. However, most of these firms have still not introduced affordable options for the middle-class population.

Eyewear fashion has gradually changed and matured in the decade. With this, spectacles need to move up from the grade of an essential commodity to a fashion accessory. It’s wonderful how people are not able to afford more than one or two pairs of such an intimate accessory due to the hiked prices.

Although there’s a range of cheap glasses available at multiple stores, there’s no point in purchasing them for the poor degree of protection.

What is Specscart?

Specscart is a recent start-up in the United Kingdom. It is one of the fastest-growing eyewear brands. There are multiple ways through which this brand has been revolutionising the eyewear industry. Here are some reasons why this company has quickly gained an enormous fanbase.

Premium quality 

When compared to the cost of the products, the quality of the eyeglasses is impressive. They offer frames made of high-grade acetates and titanium. The customers can even avail a one year warranty for corrosion-free hinges.

Free home trial

It can get confusing to decide upon a pair when you buy glasses online. However, due to customer satisfaction being their top-priority, Specscart offers a seven-day free trial. So, you can order on their website to get up to four pairs of your choice delivered on your doorstep to try them for free.

Complementary coatings

Anti-UV, anti-glare and anti-scratch are three coatings that are always recommended by opticians. But there can be no brand who avails them for free, except Specscart. The website offers all of these coatings plus an impact-resistant layer on each and every pair of glasses that the customer buys.

Exquisite collection

The site offers it all-from chic metal and basic wayfarers, to funky geometric and wooden frames. The customers can find an impressive diversity of unisex as well as men’s glasses on the website. Also, with an exclusive cat-eye collection, there’s a beautiful variety of women’s glasses available on the website.

Free eye test

An elaborate eye test can cost a fortune. However, the offline store of the brand provides a free eye test to its customers. So, you can walk into their stores at Walkden and Bury to check their excellent collection. Along with that, you can get your eyes tested for free.

User-friendly website

One thing peculiar to every renowned and established brand’s website is its excellent interface. User-friendly design of the website reflects the amount of investment and hard-work the brand has put in to build itself. It also helps to build trust among the masses.

Fastest delivery

If you are in the UK, a pair of lenses can take more than 4 or 5 days to reach your doorstep. However, Specscart offers a 24×7 rapid delivery service. The customers can receive their desired pairs within 24 hours of placing the order, without any compromises with the finishing of the products.

Fascinating packaging

The customers receive their glasses in a lens case of premium quality, along with a complimentary bottle of lens cleaning solution. Also, they can find a mini screw-driver keychain in the package, so they don’t have to rush to the optician each time they want some minor adjustments in the hinges.

Affordable prices

In the UK market, a good pair of blue light glasses can range anywhere between 80 to 250 pounds. However, this brand has always been striving to bring their prices as down as possible. The customers can purchase a basic pair of right quality lenses, with all the three complementary coatings, starting at just £29.