Social media applications are a great way of communicating your thoughts, ideas and feelings to a massive population. Social media is also extremely beneficial for businesses as they can market their brand and business to a great number of people. Who doesn’t use social media nowadays either way? However, businesses should be very cautious when using social media, especially when it comes to posting their ideas and thoughts on a particular topic, especially politics. Often times, businesses get caught up with the drama of politics. While they may only want to use politics as a strategy to bring about fame and light to their business, it can be a very bad mistake. In such cases you should think of hiring a digital marketing firm.

Businesses should just avoid politics at all costs and here are a few reasons why:

  • People will not separate you as an individual from your business. Be it a large or a small business, people will directly associate your business with your statement. This can literally cause your business to fail. Even your employees, even if they do not agree with your views, will be seen as complicit to your views.
  • It is not always the case that your employees or other people will agree with your views. Some employees may even see it as a personal attack or may start to resent you. Your employees may, very likely, resign from their posts and it will be hard for you to find other employees who do not associate your political views with the business.
  • You may look like a hypocrite as well. For example, if you are a business who discriminates against the LGBTQ community but then you oppose a particular law which does not want to give the LGBTQ community their rights, you will end up looking like a hypocrite. It may put pressure on your business to actually do right if they support a particular stance and may even pressure them to stand bigger than before.
  • Attacks on your business on various social media apps will remain forever, even if you manage to get some of them deleted. For example, if you are a restaurant who supports a particular negative stance then people will not hesitate to bash your restaurant on sites like Yelp and Facebook or Google Reviews. You may manage to get some of them deleted or reported but that does not mean people or the media will have forgotten.
  • You may lose customers as well. No one wants to support a business which is discriminatory or has a particular negative stance in relation to a particular law or political view. However, you may also end up gaining support from a new niche or group of people.
  • It is very likely that your message will be misinterpreted. People are always ready to bash someone who does not agree with a popular view. Which is why you should consider whether all of it is worth it or not.

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