Panel Pc – What is it and what is it for?

To work in more adverse conditions, the industry has implemented Panel PCs with improvements in computers equipped with large touch screens. This is to facilitate the daily work of operators, increasing productivity.

The increase is quite remarkable because it allows greater interaction between workers, machinery, and storage systems. What helps the operators in the different tasks that they need to do in the company.

A panel PC is a personal computer that is integrated with a flat panel display. It serves so that the complete computer can be mounted in any of the ways available to mount a monitor.

Eliminates the need for a separate computer space. Panel PCs are typically rugged for use in high-traffic or industrial environments.

It combines the best of a traditional industrial computer with ergonomic touch control. They are the industrial version of the all-in-one PC: reliable components and minimum volume.

Virtues of Pc Panels

They incorporate the latest developments in the consumer computing market. They are increasingly powerful, connected, and resistant to extreme conditions.

Most modern Panel PCs offer different configurations, operations, and mounting options. Therefore, they are suitable for most industrial applications.

Reinforced structures:

The constructions of the Industrial PC Panels are reinforced and made of specially resistant materials.

In this way, they are not only resistant to better daily use, but also to any small blow or event that may occur during the workday. What happens when you work around these types of panels in a hurry.

Backlit displays:

It is important that those who operate the control panels can see the information correctly even if the light in the room is low, which is why most of these control panels are backlit.

In this way, it is easy to read or work with the information presented on the screen and to see everything that is written on it. To save power, the screen can turn off when not in use and turn on automatically on the first touch for ease of use.

In other cases, it may be permanently active when needed to perform the specific task it is programmed to do.

They withstand a very wide range of temperatures:

Unlike devices designed for office or home use, these industrial panels are designed to work in a wide range of temperatures.

They adapt to the working conditions of each company. They offer the best performance even in unfavorable conditions where conventional devices could not work.

In many cases, they are specially adapted to the temperatures they must withstand. Especially if they are very extreme and therefore used in a very hostile environment.

Great stability and reliability:

Devices of this type must withstand a constant operating speed. In some cases, work shifts are 2 hours long and cannot be canceled.

Therefore, they are designed to be very durable and reliable, they are not easily damaged and most repairs can be done quickly.

In many cases, they could continue working even during the breakdown, so as not to leave the company without service and to offer time for repairs.

Robust design:

Designed for the harshest environments, they feature an extremely durable frame that protects them from shock, pressure, and other physical damage. Prepared for many applications in different fields.

Multiple Applications:

They can be used in any work environment. In addition, its adaptive screen allows you to work with total clarity even outdoors. Durability, longer life cycle, software and hardware upgrades.


They easily support software and hardware upgrades, so their life cycle is much longer than that of a traditional computer. Withstands extreme temperatures.

Characteristics of pc panels.

  • Vector graphics editor with a powerful and clear symbol library.
  • Extensive driver library.
  • Efficient alarm management.
  • Multilingual language support.
  • Perturbation and acquisition of operational data.
  • Process data file with trend curves.
  • Comprehensive driver library.
  • Basic systems scalability project.
  • Project for scalability of basic systems.
  • Secure and complete user management.
  • Remote management for project planning and remote maintenance.
  • Remote access via standard VCN client is possible.
  • Integrated Ethernet Ethernet / IP networks.
  • Also pull-down, of course, in combination with many controllers from other manufacturers.

What are the best PC Panels?

The touch screen combines the display function of the screen and the pointing function of the mouse. Two types of screens can be distinguished according to their technology:

Screens with resistive technology:

These screens consist of two conductive layers separated by an insulating layer. When the user touches the screen, the two conductive membranes come into contact, allowing current to flow.

The system will detect the change in resistivity of the conductive layers and determine the coordinates of the point of contact on the screen. Resistive screens respond to any type of pressure: style, gloved hands, bare fingers, fingernails.

They are resistant to water, grease, and dust. They are more accurate than capacitive screens, especially when used with a stylus.

Screens with capacitive technology:

In this technology, electrical charges accumulate in a layer of material deposited on the glass. The rates move when the user touches the screen with his finger. This technology does not respond when used with gloves.

They can work with thicker screens. This allows them to be covered by a powerful armored glass screen. Capacitive touch screens are brighter, their layers ensure more than 90% transparency.

Importance of Pc Panels.

The industrial PC is known for its two outstanding characteristics: durability and resistance. But that’s not all, discover the importance of having an industrial computer in your company.

Our technological solutions will allow you to bring intelligence and automation to your warehouse. Improve inventory control, traceability, productivity, and efficiency in your warehouse.

Because the objective is that they are useful. They are simplified in such a way that they are oriented to carry out several tasks. Designed for the development of the work of the environment in which they are used.

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