The need for security is particularly pronounced among Germans. This even reaches so far that almost everything can be insured there. There is no difficulty to insure pets, hair or even musical instruments. For many people, this is an internal security against dangers that lurk in everyday life. This protection saves a lot of strength and energy to be able to focus on the important things in life.

If an accident happens, a lot of paperwork is involved. There are a few aspects that need to be clarified urgently. If you lose your judgement through an accident, it is advisable to have made important decisions in advance. A possible aid for this is the patient decree. But contrary to the stubborn spread, this is not only recommendable for older people. After all, an accident can turn the life of any human being upside down – from one day to the next.


What is a patient decree?

In a patient decree the treatment guidelines are determined, if you are not able to make decisions anymore. If such a decree is not issued, a doctor must presumably establish the will of the patient. He decides by talking to relatives, friends and partners. The problem here is, that no legally binding decision can be made without a legal power of attorney. In case of disagreement, a court has to decide. In addition to nursing and medical measures, a living will also contain information on possible organ donation by the patient.


How long is a patient decree valid and how do I draw it up?

The procedure for drawing up a living will has become much simpler in recent years. A visit to the family doctor and endless paperwork are no longer necessary. The form can be created online and from home at any time. The order is valid for five years. After this period, it is advisable to renew it. It is also important to keep them in a safe place.


Does a patient decree make sense for me?

The most important thing is that it ALWAYS makes sense to draw up a patient decree – regardless of your life situation. The thing is, that if any changes should occur, they can be made informally at any time. This procedure makes it possible to take your wishes into account in emergency situations. You can be sure that your personal wishes will be taken into account. But also, your relatives and friends benefit from your decision: They give you a bit of security and relieve you of a heavy additional burden.