As new businesses are started up each day, the competition for the reader’s attention heightens.

It is important to note that Google makes frequent changes to its search algorithm each year. This means that the changes made could affect your search ranking and thus affecting your business.

Staying on top of the latest SEO trends will assist you in meeting certain requirements that search engines use to rank websites.

Below are some of the top SEO trends to expect in 2020.


  • Voice Search


“Google, can you find the nearest restaurant near me?”

Voice search has become increasingly popular, and more people prefer this method. Data from March 2019 indicate that 20% of mobile inquiries are voice searches.

Today, however, users prefer to voicing out their requests instead of typing, which saves time. To increase your chances of ranking high for voice inquiries, ensure that you use a bullet list.

Even though the adoption rate is slower, be sure that it will trend in 2020.


  • BERT & User-Focused Optimization


Naturally, every SEO expert wants to know more about how to optimize for BERT. Last year, the launch of the Google BERT algorithm created a wave online.

In 2020, instead of only targeting on how to boost a specific algorithm, SEO professionals will be focusing on user-focused optimization and the delivery of content in a technical way.

Here, the content will have to be written to user intent instead of just using keywords that users might search.


  • The Use of Entities


Entities can be described as a thing or concept that is singular, unique, and well-defined. Entities are not something SEO experts discuss on a regular basis, but it is something Google is putting a lot of resources into.

They don’t have to be physical, meaning, anything with the said features; singular, unique, and well-defined fall into the category of an entity. This could be a simple idea or just a color.


  • Semantic Search and Intent Optimization


Semantic simply means something relating to meaning in logic or language.

These days Google stopped using a lot of words that are typed in the inquiry box. Rather, it looks at the meaning of the question and analyzes the possible intent of looking for knowledge to generate.

More than 40 percent of Google searches now have a local aim, and this indicates that local business is a key factor for higher rankings.

This is highly used in online casino to help users find a local casino faster. An example, if you are in Australia, and you are looking for a casino search, “find online Australian casino.”


  • Structured Data


2020 has already been huge for semantic data, with Google adding support for new types of structured data. 

This year, Google has a clear intention of extracting data from websites allowing publishers to learn more. SEO experts will adopt new tools, plugging, and solutions that will allow their websites to implement structured mark up with no technical knowledge required.

In Summary

SEO is growing fast, and it is a very exciting industry to be in.

This year, all your SEO strategy should be mobile-driven. Ensure that your site has digital content based on users’ advice to make it more friendly.

Use the tips above to get ahead of your 2020 and beyond!