PayPal Market Share In the Online Payments Market

PayPal is one of the greatest financial service providers in the world. It has helped break down barriers and accelerated global trade. If you use PayPal, you would agree that it is the best payment option out there. Anyone who uses PayPal for their credit account would even benefit from cashbacks on expenditures. Besides, setting up alternative payments for your PayPal Debit Card is also easy and barely takes any time.

The fact is that PayPal has dominated the online payments market. No matter which online store you make a purchase from, chances are that it will provide you with an option to proceed with your payment via PayPal. Similarly, online businesses need to understand the importance of the service provider. If they fail to include it in the payment options, it would affect sales as many potential customers would not be able to make a purchase. Therefore, you need to learn more about PayPal’s market share in the online payments market. It will help you realize it’s potential.

Market Share

According to market research, around 426,954 websites provide PayPal as an online payment option. The market share of the platform is 54.48% which is huge in comparison to other payment processors such as Stripe and Amazon Pay. Stripe is only offered as a payment option by 145,565 websites and holds a market share of 18.57%, whereas, Amazon Pay is supported by 29,305 websites and has a meagre 3.74% market share. The comparison between PayPal and other payment processors will ensure that you understand just how valuable it is as a platform. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to provide users with the option to use PayPal to make payment.

Notable PayPal Statistics

  • PayPal was considered to be the worst business idea in 1999.
  • The online payment giant enjoys a growth of 10% every year in comparison to the industry average of 3%.
  • About 18% of ecommerce is processed by the service and its popularity only continues to grow.
  • When Cyber Monday offered massive discounts in 2015, PayPal benefited from 450 transactions per second.

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Once you have finished reading the website, you will come to know about the massive market share of PayPal in the online payments market. It is the only online payment provider that sees no signs of stopping. Its popularity is unlike any other. Hence, you need to utilize PayPal for your business.