Need to put your baby to sleep?

Want to get your colic baby to stop crying?

Dying to take a quick shower before hubby dearest gets home?

A baby bouncer is the answer to all the questions above!

Heck, a bouncer is the answer to many more questions when you are a young parent and have a fussy baby or even otherwise. But how do you choose a bouncer that is just right for you? One that does its job while also fitting into your space well and not putting a hole in your pocket? As with anything, you need to keep a few things in consideration.


Features to Look Out For


The point of buying a best baby bouncer is that your baby will find comfort in it so that you can get other things done. And for that, it needs to be comfortable. So look for a bouncer that has a nice padded seat that will feel like home to your child.

Soothing Vibrations

Sometimes, just a rocking motion is not enough to soothe a distressed baby. It is times like these when a vibration mode can come into action and do the job for you.


The sound of your voice will almost always get your baby to stop crying or stop being upset – the next best thing when that doesn’t work is some soothing music and sounds. Going for a bouncer that offers these things is a must.


A safety harness is a must when it comes to a bouncer as your child can find it easy to wriggle out of it. Make sure that you pick the bouncer with the best, most secure yet comfortable safety harness.

Recline Positions

The position in which your baby lies has an impact on how comfortable and at peace they are. Bouncers with multiple recline positions make sure that your little loved one is happy at all costs. On top of that, it allows for ongoing use as the seat can be set upright for your child to sit when they’re older and need a rest after play-time.


Size is a major consideration when you are buying a crib or baby bouncer – and for good reason. You need the bouncer to be large enough to house your baby safely but not take up all your space and make it difficult to walk around – choose wisely.


If you think you are likely to carry the bouncer around with you from one room to the other, it is better for you to go for one that is lightweight and easy to move.


Although this consideration comes after many others such as comfort and safety, it is important for the bouncer to fit in with the aesthetics of the place. More often than not, you can achieve that by going for neutral colours.

Ending Note

These are some of the things you should be mindful of when looking to buy a bouncer. There are, of course, other considerations based on your unique circumstances and requirements, but these are the most important ones.

If you’re looking for a detailed list of the best baby bouncers of 2019 so that you can make an informed choice, give a visit – we have just the thing for you!