Pipe Battery Buying Guide

Electronic pipes and cigarettes have revolutionized the realm of smokeless tobacco. Nowadays, vapers can enjoy nicotine and hemp products without worrying about the risks associated with smoking. Pipes and e-cigs are packed with an e-juice tank, atomizer, and rechargeable batteries to power you on the go.

Buying your first vape pen can be exciting and challenging. However, sourcing for replacement parts such as a pipe battery can come with its share of challenges. Here, we highlight some factors you should consider when buying a battery for your pen or pipe.

Your Budget

The first thing you have to consider is your budget. How much are you planning to spend on a new pipe battery? Having a budget will prevent you from overspending or blowing your budget on a battery that doesn’t meet your primary needs.

Visit different vape shops and check out what they have in stock. While you’re at it, limit the search to your pipe’s model. Look at the product and brand reviews before purchasing the item. Focus more on the battery’s build, charging time, and extra utilities, for example charging cables.

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Power Rating

A battery is a significant factor when it comes to your e-pipe’s performance. If you are a heavy vaper, having a powerful battery is crucial. Look at the mAh rating on the battery. This figure denotes the amount of power the battery packs after a full charge.

A higher mAh rating means that the battery will last longer before it runs out of juice. To put this into perspective, a battery with 5000 mAh will last longer than a 500 mAh battery. However, you must understand that the mAh rating does not influence the battery’s power output.

Despite offering you long operation hours, high-capacity batteries take a long time to charge.

Review the Specs

When buying a pipe or pen battery, it is crucial to look at the specifications of the device. Look at the amp and volt ratings on your e-pipe. These are crucial figures because if you buy a battery with high voltage, it will fry your e-pipe’s electrical circuit.

Also, check if the battery is compatible with your pipe. For example, you can get a cart battery that looks like a pipe for better aesthetics. This will ensure that you get a good vaping experience without messing up your pipe’s design.

Safety Features

Electronic pipes can be dangerous if mishandled. A faulty battery can trigger a fire causing injuries or bodily harm to the user. Safety is a crucial feature when buying a pipe battery. Ensure that you go for a battery with safety features to protect you and your e-pipe.

The first feature is over-charge protection, which will prevent overcharging after the battery reaches 100%. Another feature is the thermal shutdown which allows the device to automatically turn off if the battery becomes too hot.

Wrapping Up

Buying a replacement part for your pipe can boost its durability and improve performance. The tips shared in this guide will help you find the best battery for your pipe. Ensure that you buy replacement parts with matching specifications.

Consider the battery’s capacity depending on how frequently you vape. Also, consider getting a power bank to charge your device while you are on the go.

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