The bingo industry is growing rapidly in the UK. Whether you want to play online or at Bingo Hall, there are plenty of platforms available for playing bingo in the UK. With the UK bingo site industry continuing to grow, more and more places to play are appearing each week. While this is certainly great news for bingo lovers, the numerous new bingo platforms raise some concerns about player safety and the legality of these platforms. These suspicious bingo platforms have increased the safety risk, especially for new players

You might think that there is a huge safety risk involved, when you join an online bingo platform and deposit money online, but you don’t have to worry about safety issues in the UK. In the UK, bingo halls are licensed and regulated by an autonomous Gambling Commission. Strong legislation has been enacted in the UK to protect bingo players. We are going to guide you in this article about all the important bingo rules and regulations, so if you want to know about these bingo rules and find the best bingo sites then keep reading this article.

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is responsible to regulate all types of gambling in the UK. It was built under the Gambling Act 2005 to regulate all commercial gambling the UK. The main purpose of the commission is issuing different types of licences, creating codes of conducts and rules for licensing, and regulating all types of commercial gambling. The Gambling Commission also investigates and prosecutes different gambling offences made by casinos and bingo halls.

There are various approved Bingo game operators in the UK such as Safari Bingo who have a proven track record of compliance within the sector.  There are of course other providers around the world who do not comply with the UK rules or sometimes their own countries rules.

The governing body of the commission was created in 2007, and the main responsibility of the commission is to provide licences and regulate the online and land-based gambling businesses within the UK. Gambling Commission regulates all types of online gambling including sports betting, online casinos, online poker, online Bingo halls, and lottery.

As compared to other countries, rules and regulations regarding Bingo games are very strict in the UK, which protect players from dishonest and fraud bingo providers in the industry. The UK Gambling Commission makes sure that all the laws and regulations associated with gambling are better enforced throughout the country. The UKGC has some responsibilities to make gambling safer.

Key responsibilities related to bingo

Delivering Licences for gambling business – under UK law, each operator must have a separate licence for each gambling platform to operate in the UK gambling industry. The UKGC is responsible for verifying the qualifications of operators and providing appropriate licences to their businesses. Operators who want to provide a bingo platform for commercial purposes are required to obtain a bingo licence from the UKGC.

Ensuring the compliance and enforcement of law – UKGC also ensures the implementation of the laws and regulations regarding bingo gambling. Consumer’s safety is their priority and they need to make sure all the bingo providers follow the rules. UKGC takes firm action against those who don’t follow their prescribed rules.

Monitoring the marketing and advertising – The UKGC also set rules for marketing and advertising the bingo platform. Operators need to follow these principles when marketing their bingo platform. Violation of these marketing rules can result in financial penalties and licence suspension. Affiliate companies such as Bingo Power offer the perfect balance of compliance with the advertising sector of the Bingo industry.  This is an ongoing element of businesses like this Bingo Power who represent multiple brands, independent bingo reviews and multiple promotions.

Protecting players from scams – The Gambling Commission UK has enacted new rules regarding age restrictions and the process of identity verification, to protect people and keep them safe from bingo scams. The UKGC has banned the use of credit cards as a payment method. This law protects both consumers and operators.

Implementing the Gamstop scheme – the GCUK also ensures that licensed online operators use the bingo platform developed by high quality providers. They make sure the operator signs up for an online self-exclusion scheme called GameStop. The scheme allows players to exclude themselves from all other types of online gambling that they do not like to play.

Providing risk-free online bingo – online bingo is becoming more and more popular in the UK. More and more people are playing online bingo especially during the lockdown. The UKGC has brought in strict measures to protect online gamblers. They closely monitor the withdrawal and bonuses policies of online bingo operators and make sure they follow the law.

Preventing illegal activities associated with bingo – the UKGC makes sure that all licence holders adopt effective measures to follow their gambling policies, and avoid the illegal activities in the gambling platforms and bingo halls. If an operator fails to follow the law, it can be punished by the UKGC.

Protecting players on social media – the Gambling Commission works closely with Twitter and other social media platforms to protect people online. It helps people to limit the amount of gambling related content they see on social media. People don’t have to see unwanted content related to gambling on social media.

Improving the Operator behavior – Operator-Customer interaction is very important in the gambling business. The UKGC has complete guidelines about how to interact with the customer while organizing a bingo game.

Protecting Consumers and making the game safer – the UKGC works closely with the gambling providers and introduces new rules and regulations to make the consumer safe and secure from illegal activities.