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Start Out With Stable Amount

Unlike other sites that host Powerball games that require a huge amount, Botong relatively requires a stable amount. Therefore, you can start playing early on without having to worry too much about the money. You can continue on playing the Powerball game. It is important to analyze the right section. All you need to do is use your sense to make more profits.

What Is the Powerball Game?

Powerball is an extremely popular game which is played throughout the world. It is played in South Korea, the United States, and different parts of the globe. It is also the first lottery game that uses two drums for drawing winners. One of the drums is used for red ball and the other drum is used for the white balls. Hence, the name Powerball. The winning numbers are announced online on the website so that players can find out if they won. In order for one to win the jackpot, they need to match all of the five white balls along with the red Powerball correctly. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be awarded a jackpot for each drawing.

Moreover, if the six numbers do not get picked, then the jackpot would make its way towards the next drawing. Normally, when the value of a jackpot rises, so does the number of people that purchase tickets. Thus, a huge percentage of different number combinations gets sold. Hence, it is almost impossible for there to be a drawing that does not have a winner. The amount of money on the Powerball jackpot continues to rise each time it has not been awarded. It is common for the jackpot value to reach millions of dollars. During the year 2016, it was observed that the biggest jackpot lottery in the entire world worth more than 1.5 billion dollars was awarded for a Powerball jackpot. However, Powerball is not just about jackpot prizes, there are other things to it as well. There are other cash prizes that are also awarded to Powerball players. Generally, the prize value completely depends on the number of players that have been correctly guessed. The amount of the prizes depends on the number of players that have guessed the correct combination.

What Is the Cost for Playing Powerball?

Normally, a basic Powerball card can cost you about two dollars or more for a piece. With just an additional dollar, one may use the Power Play option. It helps increase the prize size if you are able to guess just one of the five qualifying numbers. Hence, the maximum that a single Powerball ticket could cost someone is three dollars.

How Does Power Play Option Work?

By purchasing a Power Play option, the prize value that you end up winning would match with and if there are less than five balls, they would be multiplied by the value of the random draw between anywhere from two to five. Moreover, if the value of the jackpot is not more than 150 million dollars, than a 10 times multiplier would be added to the mix.

The Power Play option has a unique offering when it comes to matching six or five balls. The payouts are some of the best. Furthermore, plays can expect to double their winnings when five of the white balls are matched with the Power Ball. However, the different multipliers do not come at play here. The size of the jackpot is not affected by the Power Play as it is fixed even if the purchase of Power Play option is opted or not. There would be no multipliers that would be applied.

How Can You Play Powerball Game?

Powerball is not your average lottery game. It is different from all other lottery games out there. Powerball is a lottery game that has two-drums. There are two drums. The first drum has 69 white balls and the other drum contains about 26 red balls. A single red ball would be drawn. This red ball will be called the Powerball.

When a player buys a ticket. they get to choose five numbers. It is these numbers that would be drawn out of the first drum that contains the white balls. The Powerball number would also be taken out of the second drum that contains the red balls. You have the choice to either let the Powerball machine choose the numbers at random for you or you can choose the Powerball numbers on your own.

Is It Important For Powerball Numbers To Be In the Correct Order to Win?

A great thing about the Powerball game is the fact that the order of the first five Powerball numbers will not impact the chances of the winning. For instance, if the numbers picked by you are 2, 4, 10, 14, 18 and the Powerball is 7, then the winning numbers would be 18, 10, 2, 4, 14 (7). You would end up winning the jackpot. It is important for the red Powerball to be guessed correctly to count the winnings.

How Many Balls Are Required To Win A Powerball Prize?

Only a single number has to be correctly picked to win a Powerball prize which is the red Powerball. If you can pick the Powerball itself, you would receive a double prize. Then, you have about 1 in 26 odds for doubling the investment of the ticket. This is why you need to carefully choose the numbers for each of the balls that you pick out. If you want to win a Powerball Jackpot, then you have to match all of the five balls in an order, including the red Powerball that you pick out.

Powerball Payouts Basics

  • Just the Powerball and no white ball.
  • The Powerball and a correct white ball.
  • The Powerball and two correct white balls.
  • The Powerball and three correct white balls.
  • The Powerball and four correct white balls.
  • The Powerball and no correct white balls.
  • The Powerball and five correct white balls.

What Is Normally The Probability For Winning Powerball?

  • The overall probability of winning any prize is 1 in 25.
  • The probability of getting at least one Powerball and no white balls is 1 in 38.
  • The probability of getting at least one Powerball and one correct white ball is 1 in 92.
  • The probability of getting at least one Powerball and two white balls is 1 in 701.
  • The probability of getting at least one Powerball and three white balls is 1 in 580.
  • The above should provide an idea of what are your chances of winning.

What Is a Powerball Multiple Draw Option?

One of the most popular options in a Powerball game is the multiple draw option as it allows you to easily play the game using the same numbers for about 26 consecutive drawings. Moreover, you get to play at the same time. When you use the multiple draw option, you end up not missing any drawing. There is also the option to select the drawing option in the future from the Powerball tickets. Normally, people who feel that they would be lucky on a certain date such as their anniversary, birthday, or a day that contains their lucky number, then they can choose to play on that particular day.

Is There Any Secret For Winning Powerball?

There is no secret to winning Powerball and it all depends on your lick. However, according to the Powerball website, if a Powerball card is bought for each possible red ball, then you have a higher chance of winning at least the lowest prize. However, even for the smallest prize, you would end up paying a lot more. There is no clear secret to how one can choose winning numbers to improve their odds at winning the best prize. Since the number draw is at random, hence, you cannot depend on a certain trick. However, there are many blogs that are committed to sharing certain lottery winning tips which might prove useful, especially if you are new to the Powerball game scene. Moreover, it is a good idea to have friends and colleagues to join you to boost your chances of winning as the lottery pool will be you to increase the winnings.

Is It Worthwhile To Play Powerball?

Only when the Powerball Jackpot becomes huge, thousands of people start to join the game to get a chance at winning millions of dollars. It has been observed that about twenty percent of people have a belief that the fastest way to getting rich is by hitting the lottery jackpot. There is no definitive answer to Powerball being worthwhile. There are certain statisticians who have created their own formula for determining the risk of receiving a potential payoff.

How Do You Know When You Have Won the Powerball Lottery?

Botong posts the results online. So you will have to visit the website to see if you have won any Powerball prize. The numbers should be carefully checked. However, be vary of anyone who contacts you to tell you that you have won the jackpot as the person would most probably be a con artist.

There are even some television channels that broadcast live Powerball drawings. Moreover, you can visit Google to see the final results or check the local newspaper. Besides, there are plenty of lottery apps that you can use for finding out if you have the winning numbers.

Powerball Site Revenue

Botong hosts the best Powerball sites out there. Anyone who uses the site can check the revenue made. The site allows you to monitor any profit made. It is extremely easy to use and the user interface is intuitive. Thus, Powerball lovers will have a great experience on the website.

There is also a price control system in place to avoid any failure. Botong is the most popular Powerball game site. It lets you know about the hottest Powerball game sites.

Safe Betting

Betting on Botong is easy and there is nothing to worry about as safe betting is guaranteed on the Powerball site. There are plenty of Powerball game sites that are mentioned on the Botong to ensure that there is a site for everyone. Browse through the different sites until you find one that meets your needs. Finding a decent Powerball site is not hard on Botong.

The Best Powerball Game Host

Botong is in fact the best Powerball game host out there. Only the best Powerball sites are mentioned on the site. This helps ensure that you have a single platform where you can search for Powerball sites. Thus, this helps save up a lot of time which you might have spent searching for different sites. Moreover, the sites included on Botong have been strictly vetted to make sure that only those sites that are safe to use are mentioned. Head over to Botong and enjoy playing Powerball game like none other.