Many people cannot imagine life without a printer in their home office. It makes life easier and faster, because important correspondence can easily be printed on paper and reaches its recipient as quickly as possible. Not only written documents can be printed comfortably at home, but also photos, instructions, construction templates and much more.

The printer cartridges are the core of every printer. The selection of both genuine ink cartridges and third-party cartridges is large. Their quality is decisive for an optimal printing result.

Original Ink vs. Secondary Ink

Everyone knows the dilemma when it comes to choosing the right printer cartridge. Should you rather use the original ink or external ink? Nowadays there are cartridges from other manufacturers for every printer.

The third-party cartridges are in no way inferior to the originals. The advantage of third-party cartridges is certainly that they are less expensive than the original printer cartridges.

Many third-party printer cartridges can also be reused by refilling them with ink. This inexpensive alternative is also useful when high ink consumption is foreseeable.

When selecting the correct printer cartridge, you should make sure that your own printer is compatible with the selected third-party cartridges. This means that not every printer accepts printer cartridges from a third-party manufacturer. It is not uncommon for the manufacturer to give a warranty on his equipment only if original ink is used.

Certainly, everyone knows the warnings of the printer manufacturer, where there is often talk of damage to the device or loss of print quality. Often, however, no differences in quality can be detected or, for example, these are only minimally present in the colour saturation.

Printer Cartridges – Less Expensive Is Always a Good Option

The use of third-party cartridges, which are also compatible with the printer, is certainly an inexpensive option and can reduce printing costs. But it is always possible to save even more money. When it comes to printing, you can save money by refilling the existing printer cartridges with a refill kit.

This process requires a little practicing on the part of the user, otherwise it can quickly lead to an unpleasant experience. The ink can run off and a following complete cleaning can cause additional trouble. Anyone wishing to avoid this effort is well advised to use external printer cartridges. They are safe and represent a profitable alternative. There are many online shops where you can buy printer cartridges, many of them, like for example have a choice of original as well as alternative printer cartridges.

What is important when buying printer cartridges?


Many manufacturers indicate the performance expressed in terms of cartridge capacity on the carcase packaging. Others quote the converted cost of printing one A4 page. In the case of original inks, XL versions may also be available. These inks have been significantly increased in capacity. As a result, they can be replaced less frequently. Such inks are a great proposition for those who print a lot.


Printer inks are available in four colours – black, yellow, blue and red. The latter is very often called a magenta. The same colour scheme can be found in both original and replacement carcasses. Shades do not have the right to differ from one company to another. However, their pigmentation translates into the quality of the printout. It is particularly important when printing photos or graphics.


This is a very important aspect when buying printer inks. It is important to pay attention to the ink efficiency and the matching of the cartridge to the individual printer models. It is worth to make sure that the cartridge chosen by us matches the printer we own. Original inks are much more expensive than their replacements or regenerated inks. This is due to the fact that companies producing printers spend a lot of money on innovations related to them. Replacement manufacturers play the role of playwrights. As a result, they can demand a lower price for their products. This does not mean, however, that substitutes are worse than original inks. There is no such rule, but we must pay particular attention to ensuring that the replacement is of good quality. In the case of an original, you can be sure that it is of the right quality.