In this article, the amazing effects of the folding electric bike would be discussed in the light of different researches done by the experts. We will be considering how it’s improving our overall health, immunity system, increasing our self-esteem etc. and at the same time what are some of the risk factors which would be caused due to excessive bike riding. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of its pros and cons.

Pro # 1

Riding an electric bicycle is equivalent of doing an hour of aerobics. It gives the same significant impact on your health as same as aerobics. Even scientists have claimed that it is one of those workouts which can easily fight with the chronic heart diseases, diabetes, and terminal cancer.

So, electric bicycle riding has enough potential to meet your fitness goals easily so, whatever your problems are; due to sleep disorders, depression, anxiety or anything else all of these can be solved through and it can be easily be incorporated into our everyday life.

Pro # 2

Riding an electric bicycle helps in strengthening your body, promotes stronger muscles and healthier bones, and joints. It helps in dealing with the chronic bone’s diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic lower back pain, etc. One starts realizing noticeable changes just after they does this in normal everyday practice. So, if you want to have a good muscle work out for yourself and a muscle gain no time then this is for you.

Pro # 3

It is a low impact exercise so, it’s safe to do on a daily basis because there are minimal chances of injuries, strains, fractures, etc. One can happily does it on everyday basis and never get worried.

Pro # 4

It is not only a physical exercise instead you can consider is as your favorite sport too because it doesn’t have a high level of exertion in it. You may join an electric bicycle riding club or go for a marathon; I bet you; it would change your life entirely. It’s a fun way to get some hands-on adventure on the bumpy roads, downhill areas, etc. This amount of enjoyment you can never imagine to have in indoor physical activities

Pro # 5

It does not build your muscles only but also helps you in making your stamina stronger. It also strengthens your immunity power and gives you the same benefit which an aerobic or Zumba exercise would give you.

Pro # 6

It is one of those physical workouts which are dependent on your choices solely. You can adjust the bicycle’s intensity as much as you want. There’s no force or external pressure on you to fix it according to some certain standard. It can be done easily at a very low intensity as soon as you start doing it while you can set further according to your demand for physical exertion until and unless there are no chances of injury and health problems.

Pro # 7

This amazing mode of transport makes you time-efficient as well for using it as one of the primary means of transportation. You don’t have to remain dependent for long hours on buses, taxis, other public transports, etc.

Pro # 8

Riding Bicycle is one of the best ways to control the excessive weight because it increases your metabolism which helps in shedding off those extra pounds easily. So, if you are trying to work on a plan then combine your diet with a portion of Bicycle riding every week. It is one of the easiest ways to exercise without getting worried.

Pro # 9

It also helps in controlling the blood pressure level and minimizes the chances of stroke and heart attack. That is why it helps in regulating the blood circulation, stimulate the function of the lungs, etc.

Pro # 10

The higher rate of death causes in the world is due to diabetes whereas cycling helps in decreasing the chances for you to be affected by diabetes of any type. It helps in improving your overall health condition and decreases the chances to approx. 40%. Isn’t that great to beat such chronic disease without any medications.

Con # 1

It doesn’t matter how experienced electric bicycle rider you are; one gets the experience of honks, security issues, harassments, etc. and especially women. According to research, in past years the US has faced increment in the accidents caused due to bicycle accidents. Most people were injured in it. There are specific rules and etiquette of it which should be followed like never forget to wear the helmet, understanding of low-lights, how to tackle the bust roads, obeying and obliging the traffic laws and create awareness to everyone.

Con # 2

Some excessive Bicycle riding leads to nerve damage as well. Firstly, many patients have complained of dysfunctionality in their sexual organ due to excessive cycling which leads to impotence, erectile dysfunction, etc. and other similar problems. Similarly, excessive cycling practice damages your nerves of sitting area permanently so; your body doesn’t get able to support your weight for a longer term. It also decreases the feeling of sexual pleasure in men and women both. Plus the nerve damage is mainly done on the sensitive areas of the body which is very painful to have. A person normally starts feeling numb or have constant dizziness which leads to these dangerous problems.

So, what one can do to avoid such problems in future is to do the moderate level of cycling along with other physical activities and sports as well. It is not necessary to be dependent on cycling only; not it would give you any benefit solely. Plus whenever you feel anything wrong in the first place, consult with your doctor and tell them everything, maybe they would get you enrolled in any new exercise regime according to your diet and health conditions. Your priority should be your sound health and nothing else.