“Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)” is a multiplayer battle royale played online. The game was developed by PUBG Corporation. It was released on December 20, 2017. The iOS and Android versions of PUGB were released in September 2018 under the name “PUBG Mobile”. The game is played in third person narrative. PUBG mobile is similar to Garena Free Fire and COD mobile. Want to try out the PC version of PUBG? The best way to get is to look up PUBG cd key and find the best price available.

The game can be played in single, duo, and squad of a maximum of four people modes of play. 100 players start the match. Several characters are available in the game that can be used by you. As the game is played on surviving mode and players have to fight with each other to survive, the sole survivor or the last surviving team wins the match.



As we are aware of the fact that weapons are the deal makers or deal breakers of any battle game. The same goes for PUBG mobile. It is also very important for you to develop a sense that when you have to use a specific weapon. PUBG has a good range of weapons in its inventory. Some of the best categories of weapons used in PUBG are discussed below:


Assault Rifles(AR):

Assault rifles are among the best weapons available in the game. They have good ammo capacity. These weapons possess great firepower, fire rate, and balance. Some of the best assault rifles available in the game are:

  • Groza
  • AKM
  • Scar-L
  • M416
  • M16A4


Shot Guns:

Shotguns can prove to be handy in short-quarter battles. It is a fact that it is not suitable for long-range targets, but these are lethal in the short-range. Some of the best shotguns available in PUBG mobile are:

  • S12K
  • S1897
  • S686


Submachine Guns (SMGs)

The best guns for the short distance present in the game are SMGs. SMGs possess the qualities of accuracy and a good fire rate. It also has less recoil rate as compared to other guns. The best SMGs of the game are:

  • M249
  • UMP9
  • Tommy Gun
  • Micro UZI
  • Vector


Sniper Rifles:

There is a good range of rifles available for sniping in PUBG mobile. These rifles become more lethal in large maps in which the enemy has large space to hide. There are two types of sniper rifles in PUBG mobile which are  Bolt Action Snipers and Designated Marksman Rifles. The best available sniper rifles in the game are:

  • AWM
  • M24
  • Kar 98k
  • SKS



Pistols can prove to be good side weapons to keep with you along with other powerful weapons. It is quite obvious that once you make progress in the game, pistols become obsolete because of the collection of other powerful weapons. But a pistol can also save the day for you. Some of the weapons falling in the pistol category are listed below:

  • P18C
  • P92
  • P1911
  • R1895


Player IDs:

The player id of the players keeps getting with the time. Every time a player wins a game, the credentials of the id get better. Online accounts of the game are available online.