In the vast world of the Internet, Analytics are becoming more and more important for business owners. Understanding technical information on their website can allow managers to bring forth efficient changes that prove to be in the best interest of the company.

With Quark Analytics, all your statistical analysis problems are made much easier to resolve. Since their core mission is to leverage the analytical capabilities of their users, they work hard to allow clients to have extensive access to the best analytical tools in the industry, aiding them to extract valuable conclusions from large amounts of data that is collected. With an experienced and professional team that has been working in the analytical industry for over 15 years, Quark Analytics is sure to provide you with a hassle-free and efficient online platform.


Main Business Problems Addressed Through Quark Analytics


1. Acquisition

  • The Source of Traffic

Most websites out there are interested in knowing where exactly their traffic is coming from. This is important as they need updates on potential customers in order to make successful marketing strategies in the future. The good news is, Quark Analytics excels at informing all your authentic traffic sources. Their efficient algorithm takes only several minutes to identify important channels, track significant campaigns and monitor the entire traffic flow. Quark Analytics is a simple, easy-to-use software that provides all the benefits of a high-end analytical app. Since it is great at what it does, measuring traffic is no problem with Quark Analytics.

By tracking the source of traffic on your website, you can make strategic future decisions using statistics such as lifetime value, end-user sentiment, behavior and customer experience. For all high-traffic websites or quick apps, the need to understand real-time acquisition paths and performance is an essential feature for all analytical software.

  • Tracking Performance in Real-Time

In the modern world, a wide range of businesses have acquired special strategies that are greatly dependent upon the access to real-time performance rates. They may have to make immediate adjustments to copy, design or resources in accordance with the performance of their website or app. Through Quark Analysis, you can easily carry out all your tasks with no hassle involved. Since all reports are provided in real-time and not hours or days late, it is much easier to track your progress and make important decisions.

This fully integrated and all-time access to analytical data has many significant benefits, especially for sites that operate on large media. For example, a news site may decide to discard a specific headline if it hasn’t performed up to the par or if a site has to stream content continuously and aims to avoid any technical errors faced by their users, they must be able to track their analytics in real-time instead of being a few hours late.

Analytics that are constantly updated are also beneficial for large ecommerce firms who have to make quick decisions regarding their inventories. By having real-time access to crucial data, they can easily track all product deliveries and prevent negative reviews, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Additionally, certain app developers can also benefit by having real-time access to their analytics. Maximizing the value of users for a game that has gone immediately viral becomes very easy through this, and the developers can easily validate important changes and small tweaks to ensure user retention.


2. Engagement Rates, Real-Time Conversions and Assured Retention

  • Connect Analytical Data with Real-Life Customers

If you’re amongst the businesses who can’t ever relate their analytical data to their real-life customers, Quark Analytics is here to help. It is a fantastic tool to track genuine user behavior, but the analytical app takes a step forward to help you take relevant actions upon that data. Even if you have both a web app and a mobile app, Quark Analytics can help you convert the important data from both platforms and present it to you in the most effective manner. Their strong User ID policy allows companies to connect their own data to that of the analytics, creating an invisible presentation of their current engagement rates and strategies to improve it in the future.


Quark Analytics: The History

The company was founded mainly to inspire business owners to successfully fill the increasing gap between the presentation of analytical data and the execution of change in the real world. They have successfully created an analytical software with a simple user interface designed to aid anyone who uses it. Additionally, all your data is stored on the cloud which makes your data richer, easier to access and a powerful asset for you in the future.

The team behind Quark Analytics aims to aid analytical thinking of business owners who do not have a strong hold on the world of statistics. This app is designed to prove that statistics can be toned down and made simple for just about anyone to understand, and the use of these analytics is extremely significant for all kinds of businesses in the modern world.


Key Features of Quark Analytics

If you’re still wondering whether to try this cloud-based platform or not, we decided to make the decision very easy for you. Here is a detailed breakdown of all features Quark Analytics has to offer:

  1. Toolbox: While presenting all the statistical analysis your business needs, Quark Analytics also provides a helpful toolbox for you to easily extract all insightful information from the data.
  2. Visuals: A bunch of information clustered together can become boring. To make your statistical analysis more engaging, Quark Analytics makes use of thoughtful visuals that better represent your data.
  3. K-Means Cluster: Instead of just providing heaps of data to their clients, Quark Analytics also detects specific patterns amongst your statistics that can allow you to gain a broader insight on your business performance.
  4. Regression Analysis: If straight-up numerical values aren’t your thing, Quark Analytics can simply explore relationships between your numbers and inform them to you directly.
  5. Dimension Reduction: Being the owner of a company means that there are many things to keep track of. With Quark Analytics, you can simply preview a summarized version of multiple observations that correlate with each other. This can help you understand the variance of the original set in a much simpler manner.
  6. Outlier Detection: If there is any data that does not conform to your typical patterns, Quark Analytics identifies them for you and presents them separately in an enhanced manner for you to notice first.