Reap the benefits of the latest Social Network for the Blockchain Era

In the world of Blockchain technology, there has been a need of a social network to link all Blockchain technology users that combines the benefits of Bitcoin to provide the users with an opportunity to get rewarded.

There has been a rise in the number of digital nomads who use the internet to make the world their workplace. No matter where they may be in the world, from Bali to Berlin, the world is their oyster. If you are thinking about doing something similar with just the use of social media then you need to give a try as it is making the dreams of millions come true with just the use of social media with minimum effort.

Nowadays, everything is digital and it is important to reap the benefits of the internet. You will get rewarded just for using social media. Just think about it. Many of us spend our whole days on social media and what if you could make money through that.

The application which is set to overtake all major social media applications has transformed the way advertisements are displayed and placed.


Easy to Use

You are probably wondering that how does even work, the application is available on both Google Play and Appstore. It is relatively easy and simple to use. The user’s account is the ad platform, meaning that all their followers will become one another’s advertising audience.

The ad will be displayed by the user and not the client as compared to usual social media websites. The best part about the app is that the user will get a reward for the ad up to 50% of the ad cost which has been paid by the client for every view.

The reason why it is becoming increasingly popular among every millennial is the fact that the processes are fully automated which means that they require no further action by the user.


The Global Advertising Market is Huge

The advertising market is considered the largest in the whole world with up to $550 Billion being spent in the global market. People are increasingly using internet throughout the world which means that corporations are trying to reach these internet users. The internet is the largest segment for the global advertising market and is only likely to increase.

Take advantage of the global advertising market and you could earn thousands on your own with the ease of your home.


The Future

In the past, social networking websites earned billions from users by showing ads and not giving the users anything in return, but with me wallet you could earn thousands through your social media which is one of a kind opportunity for social media users. The profits will be shared with the users to create a more inclusive environment.

It is the app for the next generation which is based on the principle of fairness and transparency. Users will be rewarded for their activity and could earn up to 50% of the advertising revenue.


Take Advantage of Bitcoin Technology

The Bitcoin technology has revolutionized the way we use technology and has provided solutions for every problem. The Me Token uses Bitcoin for all external payments such as the selling of advertisements. The ME Token is the network’s digital token. All your rewards and payments will be made using the Me Token.

It is the future of advertising and how payments are made. It is making head wave in the industry and every major corporation is using the services of the app to ensure their ads are displayed and reach their target audience.

Each user will get their own cyrptocurrency wallet which they will use for exchanging serves into their accounts. Users will exchange the cyrptocurrency through the ME Tokens to Bitcoin which will enable them to send remittances to one another in the network.


So How Does It Actually Work ?

Users will activate an advertising account with a single click in the profile settings. Once they click the profile settings, the accounts will automatically start to post ads to the news feed and the followers of the user will get to see those ads in their individual news feed.

Whenever a follower vies the ads, the user will be able to get rewarded with ALL.ME Tokens for up to 50% of the ad cost which had been paid by the client. It is one of the simplest ways to earn cyrptocurrency online.


So How Does One Use the Application

You are probably wondering about how to use the application, well it is simple. One can purchase profile themes or stickers and even gifts. There is monthly premium account subscription which provides a trading platform within the application for users to buy and sell goods. Once you have enough ALL.ME Tokens you can easily exchange them for Bitcoin. The amount of income which can be generated on the application depends highly on the number of the users.

It is one of the only platforms where can earn rewards without much effort and that will allow for new users to start using the application.


The Application of the Future

ALL.ME is the application of the future. You can easily download it on your smart phone device through Google Play or Appstore. Take advantage of the one of a kind Bitcoin technology. You can earn as a side hustle. All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection to start earning ME Tokens which could make everything much easier for you.

The world is becoming increasingly digital and those of us who take advantage of the unlimited opportunities provided by technology will be able to lead the future. Businesses are more likely to invest in this application which will only prove to be helpful for the users.

As the number of users increases, so will the amount of Me Tokens available. At the present there are up to 10 Billion Me Tokens which will increase in the future.

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