In this day and age, many fresh college graduates have been struggling to find jobs. “I studied from a prestigious and reputable university, isn’t that what matters?”, is what most college graduates think and which is why many people try to get into the most reputable colleges. Reputable colleges have a good image and a name, no doubt. However, studying from a reputable college does not mean that you will land a job on your first try. Many businesses are not looking for the kind of college you studied in. Instead they are looking for the skills you have.

Apart from that, there are many other reasons why fresh college graduates are unable to find a job. Here are a few of them:

  • Many people think that to graduate from a college means that they will get a job immediately. Which is why a huge number of people are now joining colleges, mostly also because of the fact that colleges have become more accessible and affordable for people. The result is that there is increased competition as a great number of people are now graduating from colleges. As a result, there are limited jobs for people. Moreover college graduates need to get rid of the thinking that getting a degree is all they need to get a job. Those days are over as everyone has a degree. Businesses are now looking for skills.
  • Preparing your resume in a mannerly way is important. You cannot just write a few words and expect a call back from a business. Many students neglect to even make a resume even though your resume gives a first impression of you to the business. Use action words and go into depth about what your skills are, what you are capable of and what not. Make it look professional and educated.
  • If you get called for an interview, congratulations. However, this is where students tend to mess up the most. Interviewers will not go easy on you when asking questions. They will ask you questions which will throw you off-guard, for example ‘what do you bring to the table and why should we hire you?’. Make sure you always visit the business’s website and do some research on the business. Many businesses will ask you questions about their history and what not. Make sure you are prepared. Moreover, try to ask the interviewer a few questions. That makes them think that the candidate is very interested and will be dedicated. Check out interview tips for more information.
  • What if you don’t get any call backs? It is very likely that businesses either didn’t receive your resume or may have forgotten. It doesn’t hurt to email or call them again and ask them to check. Do not quit and get depressed. It is not the end of the world. There are other opportunities as well. Moreover, learn from the mistakes you make as well.

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