The dice of technological advancement has rolled significantly in the favor of human beings. There is a solution available for any concern. Whether it is related to physical world or virtual world, you will find yourself with a remedy that is readily available. One of these concerns, which has continuously been remained a core interest for experts is preservation of our five senses. This is because we have been naturally gifted with these senses which play a crucial role in our bodily operations, and hence, in our daily lives.

In addition to it, the abnormalities in two of the five areas related to our senses have been quite common. These two areas are concerned with hearing and seeing. Do you remember the idiom, ‘All ears and eyes’? That is exactly why any kind of malfunctioning of these areas can be detrimental to overall performance of day-to-day activities of your life. According to statistics shared by Vision Council, about 64 % of global population wear vision glasses. That certainly is a huge number! Moreover, according to World Health Organization (WHO), over 5% of global population has disabling hearing loss. By 2050, over 900 million will have disabling hearing loss.

If you are above 20 and you still do not wear any spectacles for your eye-sight, consider yourself lucky. If you are above 65 and do not need a hearing aid, consider yourself even luckier. This is not to say that these are the age limits beyond which you will not have risks of having poor eye-sight or hearing loss. There are many factors responsible for this phenomenon. However, some people naturally start showing symptoms of poor eye sight or hearing loss under 20 years of age and above 70, respectively.

But the good news is that scientific and technological advancements have brought changes in the field of optometry and audiological services. With modern equipment, you can get your eyesight and hearing loss checked. The proper check-up then can result in appropriate solution for your concern.

Specsavers Opticians

Specsavers is a leading optical retail chain company in UK offering a number of services. With 1,978 stores in various parts of the world, including Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Finland, New Zealand and Australia, it has around 32,500 employees.

Specsavers, Kirkby

Specsavers is the name of quality services. If you are looking for one-stop shop for eye and hearing test, Specsavers Opticians is your answer. With eye and hearing tests conducted by experts, you are surely in safe hands at Specsavers.

Specsavers store in Kirkby is quite famous among the locals due to its friendly staff, professional opticians and super-fast services.

Reasons for Choosing Specsavers, Kirkby

There are numerous reasons for choosing Specsavers, Kirkby.

1.    Quality Services

Specsavers, Kirkby offers a number of services for the customers. The services include adult eye tests, Cataract Pre-OP Care, Cataract Post-OP Care, Children’s eye care, children eye care, audiology services, Glaucoma monitoring, DVLA optician, Diabetic screening, 3D Scanning technology (Optical Coherence Tomography) and minor eye condition care etc. In addition to it, Specsavers also offer home eye test services.

2.    Professional and Friendly Staff

The staff at Specsavers, Kirkby is quite friendly and readily available to answer your queries. Moreover, they make sure to provide you with not just good customer services but also, with comfortable environment. You can just make an appointment and get your eye test done from professionals.

3.    Wide Range of Designer and Other Glasses

You can find a wide range of designer glasses to choose from at Specsavers, Kirkby. Not just it, you can also find other regular glasses and sunglasses at their store. Considering the availability of such a large collection, it is nearly impossible for you to go empty-handed from the store.

4.    Contact Lenses

If you are looking for contact lenses, you should go nowhere except Specsavers, Kirkby. Whether you want contact lenses for functions or everyday use, the opticians at the store will be more than happy to guide you. Moreover, you can also try the contact lenses for free. The contact lenses at Specsavers are not just light-weight but also, budget-friendly. With a variety of colored contact lenses and contact lenses for children, you should definitely visit Specsavers store at Kirkby Shopping Center.

5.    Hearing Aids

At Specsavers store, you can also find professional audiologists who will help you with you hearing-related issues. They sell branded digital hearing aids in affordable prices with 4 years of guarantee. Moreover, they offer different types of hearing aids including, invisible hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids and rechargeable hearing aids.

6.    Free Eye and Hearing Tests

You can also get a free eye or hearing test at Specsavers, Kirkby. All you have to do is to book an appointment online or via call. After free check-up, you will guided by the expert optician or audiologist accordingly.

7.    Offers and Gift Vouchers

Specsavers also provide different offers which you can avail by visiting their store or website. Moreover, you can also a buy a gift voucher for value between £1 and £250 for your friends and family. A nice gift idea, right?

8.    NHS-funded Eye Test

At Specsavers store, you can also get a NHS-funded eye test. The procedure to get your eye test at the store is pretty simple. Just check whether you meet the criteria in order to be eligible for NHS-funded eye test through their website.

9.    Parking Space

One of the major reasons behind people not visiting stores is parking space. People find it difficult to find a good parking spot or even a spot. However, you do not have to face this trouble at Specsavers store.

As Specsavers store is located at Kirkby Shopping Center, 21 St Chad’s Parade, Liverpool, you will have plenty of parking space surrounding the shopping center.

Visit Specsavers now!

Considering all the services being offered at Specsavers Liverpool, you should definitely visit the store. You will surely become a regular customer from guest customer.

Also do not forget to look for offers at Specsavers!