Reasons To Grow Succulents At Home


Succulents and houseplants provide an easy way to bring in a bit of greenery and personality to your home. Although many people prefer having green plants in their homes, more and more people are switching to succulents. This is because succulents require minimal attention, are easy to look after, and can live through the harshest of weather conditions and environments. In addition to this, potted succulents are aesthetically appealing and also pack many health benefits. Discussed below are some of the health benefits, and brilliant ways succulents can improve the quality of life in your home.


  1. Succulents promote normal breathing

Most plants use carbon dioxide to process food materials (photosynthesis) while releasing oxygen into the air. These plants however use up oxygen during the night thus increasing competition for the same with humans, and especially if kept inside the house. Succulents however continue releasing oxygen even during the night. This means you can grow succulents in your bedroom and still enjoy the same benefits during the night. This way, your body gets an extra boost of refreshed and oxygen-rich air, thus improving your sleep. More oxygen translates to more natural breathing at night too.


  1. They cleanse the air around

Aloe vera and snake plant, among other succulents, come in handy in removing toxins and purifying the air. According to research conducted by NASA, succulents are capable of removing at least 87% of volatile organic compounds in the air.  For this reason, growing these plants in study work, and library environments help cleanse the air by removing formaldehyde and benzene among other VOC substances found in grocery bags, cigarette smoke, rugs, ink, and books.


  1. They help fight diseases and infections

According to research, at least 10% of atmospheric moisture is released by plants. Having succulents in your home, therefore, means improved humidity in the house, hence fewer chances of contracting common colds, dry skin, dry cough, and sore throat. Another study conducted by the Agricultural University of Norway also found that office plants can help lower disease and infection rates in offices. According to Tina Bringslimark (Environmental psychology expert), fewer people reported being sick after succulents were introduced to their offices.


  1. They help one concentrate better at work and school

According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan, introducing succulents in learning and work environments helps students and workers concentrate much better. It also improves their brain capabilities and attentiveness, thus making it possible to grasp whatever they are being taught easily. Bringing succulents in work and learning places is therefore beneficial to all. You can also have one in your cubicle. If you want to keep one in your cubicle but don’t know how to care for it you’d do well to read this complete succulent guidebook.


  1. Succulents promote faster recovery

A study conducted at Kansas State University on the effects of succulent plants on ailing patients revealed that patients in rooms with succulents suffered fewer episodes of pain, cough, fever, and headaches as compared to the others. The researchers believe that succulents also help lower heart rates, blood pressure, anxiety, and fatigue in patients.


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