Speaking to the nation the Reliance industries chairman MukeshAmbani proudly said, “Jioemployees average age is just 30 years and we are a young team of 60,000 people who wish to revolutionise the country digitally. The young people lead by the much younger son and daughter of Mukesh will set the new trends in the nation.” Jio also said that it will create around 10 Lakh wifi hotspots around the country to provide data services to its customers at any place. Jio also announced one Wifi Hotspot Dongle named as Jiofi. Jiofi is a Wifi Hotspot Router it can be connecting upto 10 devices. If anyone to change password or broadcasting ssid can logon into Jiofi.Local.Html website.

The company is now running after to set a new world record for getting more than 10 crore subscribers with in a short time period. Currently already Jio has 15 Lakh connections. They announced that they will do the ‘Datagiri’ in the country, a positive way of making the country a data abundant country. Mukesh speaking to his employees called them to make it possible to achieve the world record connections in short period. The company got 15 lakhs connections in the trail period itself so it doesn’t seem an impossible task.

The company also submitted all the tariff details to the TRAI also as part of a mandate. But the TRAI will only involve in the tariff rates only if they don’t comply with the rules and regulations. The markets are discussing the plans of Jio from the time of its announcement and is considered as a big blow to all the existing market leading networks like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

Reliance Jio is doing what the government wanted to do i.e. providing digital services at a very low cost to all the people and reaching the remote areas of the country. This kind of Digital Revolution will definitely get the government support too at the present scenario.


Data Charges compared with Other countries:

When we take the data charges of various countries we can know what Relaince Jio is actually offering us. The speed is so fast you’ll be able to check a dream11 prediction instantly.

The data charges in Japan is $30 per GB, in Korea it is $18 per GB, in China $15 per GB, in Spain it is $ 7.5 per GB, in South Africa %6 per GB and in India currently it is $3.5 per GB. But Reliance Jio is now providing a GB data for even less than a Dollar.

The Jio company is also partnering with many Indian companies to launch the low cost 4G enabled smartphone starting from just Rs.2999/- per piece. This realises the dream of every Indian even poor to be part of the digital revolution.