Renewable Energy Startups – What You Need To Know

More and more people across the globe are realizing the importance of using renewable energy. It has led to an increase in demand for sustainable alternatives to energy supply which has led to the founding of some amazing renewable energy startups. Each of these startups is committed to tackling the climate crisis and aims to provide a sustainable energy alternative. The innovative ideas powering these startups will blow your mind away. If you are interested in staying updated about the latest happenings in the world related to renewable energy, you have come to the right place. The following are some of the renewable energy startups that are taking the world by storm.

  1. Solstice

One of the top renewable energy startups that you need to learn more about is Solstice. It strives to make clean energy affordable so that everyone can access it without any constraints. The company works to eliminate the gap by helping households build solar energy to power all their needs. It provides consultation service to ensure that the structure of the home, directional positioning, and affordability do not come in the way of one’s desire to switch to renewable energy.

Solstice develops solar infrastructures for communities so that multiple households get to benefit from solar energy rather than just a single house. What sets the company apart is the fact that it advocates policies to increase access to renewable energy. Thus, the combination of progressive infrastructure and technology make it the perfect startup.

  1. Kite Power Systems (KPS)

Another renewable energy startup that wants to change the world is KPS. Most people do not install wind turbines as they find the construction of one to be to be rather pricey. However, this is where KPS is bringing about change. It has made a commitment to offer energy for a fraction of the cost. The startup knows how to harness wind turbine energy with 85 percent less material. KPS is using the technology that dates back to 221BC to provide the ultimate renewable energy solution.

  1. Elfrosun Technologies

The next renewable energy startup that is making the news is Elfrosun Technologies. It is based out of India and provides service to the Indian population. The main goal of the organization is to make home solar panels more affordable and accessible for Indian households. Since the country has a better climate for the use of solar panels, it makes sense for the startup to cater to the millions of households in the Indian Subcontinent. It is helping add optimization and autonomy.

  1. Lanza Tech

A notable renewable energy startup that is helping conserve the environment is Lanza Tech. It aims to provide a new fuel and lower carbon emissions. It does this by capturing CO2 emissions produced by industrial off-gases. Then, it converts these emissions into reusable energy to provide a more circular energy model. Their carbon recycling technology is similar to that of retrofitting breweries to the emission source such as landfill sites and steep mills rather than using yeast and sugars to make beer. Bacteria is used to convert pollution into chemicals and fuels.

  1. Aero Shield

Aero Shield is also a renewable energy startup that needs recognition. It is optimizing windows and the glass layers that they are made of. Their main motivation is the realization that windows play a huge role in helping maintain interior temperatures.

The Aero Shield material was developed at MIT. It is made using high clarity silica aerogel which is superior to the typical glass windows. Besides, the material is also easy to handle. In fact, it is described as lighter than marshmallows.

  1. Green Mountain Power (GMP)

Considered the first energy utility to be B-Corp certified, GMP is bringing about environmental change for the better. It is based in Vermont and is working towards creating a unique and more efficient energy system that is based on solar and wind power. Thus, there would be less reliance on the grid as the company continues its efforts. GMP also wishes to provide sustainable energy to communities. The startup works with interested communities.

  1. Freight Farms

Energy does not always come from oil, the wind, or sun. It also comes from what we eat. Food provides us with energy. However, it is difficult to grow food in certain climates. This is something that Freight Farms aims to change. It wants to facilitate the next generation of container farming. The startup aims to cut down shipping costs by encouraging the cultivation of fresh produce all year long. The fact that many of us eat produce that has travelled thousands of miles and causes harmful emissions is something that the startup wants to address. It is making it easier for people to grow greens locally.

  1. American Wind

American Wind strives to provide power to the people. It is a creator of micro wind turbines and is changing the entire industry. What it is doing is inverting the windmill approach to make it smaller and direct. Thus, it will help the people get off the oil-based grid.

  1. Clean Choice Energy

Not only has Clean Choice Energy adopted an amazing name, it has also adopted a unique approach to harnessing energy. Chances are that some of you might have received a letter from the startup. It is a consumer transitioning organization which will work with your current utility provider to ensure that you are able to source your energy from cleaner sources. The best thing about the startup is that it does not require any visit or installation. Rather than waiting for legislation to be implemented to switch to renewable energy, the startup is taking the lead and helping interested individuals make the switch now.


Learn More about Renewable Energy Startups

Only a few of the renewable energy startups have been mentioned above. For more information, you need to check out renewable energy startups in Europe. Go through the list of innovative renewable energy startups to find out which ones to support.