Repairing the roof in Minnesota ? Our Guide


Minnesota home roofs have to be kept in good repair to with stand the cold and harsh winter. A well-insulated roof prevents water and the effects of low temperatures from entering the interior of the home, keeping the interior temperature more stable and allowing homeowners to save money by reducing the cost of electricity in air conditioning / heating. At the same time, it protects the home from the excessive solar radiation to which the home is exposed throughout the year, especially during June and July.

Roof, deck and rooftop maintenance and rehabilitation in Minnesota are critical to the structural quality of buildings. Keeping the roof of a home always in good condition is vital because a stable and seamless roof will prevent leaks, leaks and other problems derived from the extreme continental climate in this state, which could affect the interior of the house. In addition, a new roof will facilitate the optimal insulation of the house, thereby ensuring greater energy efficiency and therefore less spending on air conditioning and heating.

In Minnesota, there are multiple professional roofing repair, maintenance and installation companies that are concerned with keeping roofs and roofs in optimal condition; and they offer repair and treatment services for all types of roofs and flat roofs, installation of gutters, improvements to the rainwater evacuation system, changes to the existing roof construction system, waterproofing and improved water tightness (by installing asphalt fabrics , EPDM, PVC sheets, polyolefin …), replacement of structural elements that make up the roof, execution of inverted roof with draining pavements, green and ecological roofs,

Although the climate in the state of Minnesota is temperate, the roofs of the houses, which receive abundant radiation during the summer months, and in winter rain and snow storms abound and the environment is cold, so it is essential to maintain the roof of a house in perfect condition, since the roof is the main one in charge of isolating and protecting the interior of the homes from humidity. Therefore, correct maintenance is a priority:

Review of the interior ceilings of the house
At least once a year, when winter ends in Minnesota, it is advisable to check all roofs, especially the most sensitive areas, such as the edges of windows or skylights, and the places where the pipes pass. This will allow, for example, to locate a possible entry of water before a more problematic leak forms and difficult to solve. If the low ceiling does not look good, it may be advisable, in addition, as part of the maintenance, to repaint or varnish the interior structure so that it shows its best appearance and withstands better the passage of time; although this task is not usually necessary to repeat it every year.

Roof repair in Minnesota
In the case of the exterior of the roof, the part that is most exposed and receives solar radiation, rain storms and the weight of snow, the conservation of a roof can change depending on the material with which it is made. The most common is that the roofs are made with tiles, so in this case it will be necessary to review the entire surface of the roof to locate those parts that may present damage, and replace the old or broken tiles with new ones. Also, in Minnesota roofing It is important to frequently carry out a thorough cleaning of the roof and the rainwater drainage gutters, because this will prevent other problems from appearing, such as animal nests, the growth of moss, or the accumulation of dust, which could cause a greater and more rapid deterioration of the ceiling in the short term.

If the roof is made of wood, it will be necessary to carry out maintenance according to this material and the preferences of the homeowners; especially taking into account the abundant winter rainfall. Applying appropriate treatments for the care and final finish of this always-alive material, which guarantee the protection of the wood and keep it dry and in optimal condition for many years.

Generally speaking, whenever any roof or under-roof problem is detected, no matter how small, it is important to contact a professional roofing contractor as close as possible to your home in Minnesota. Only local professional installers are in a position to adequately repair a damaged ceiling, ensuring that the roof once again fulfills the mission of insulating and protecting the interior of the home and showing its best image.

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