Hurghada is a coastal site located on the Red Sea, it’s considered to be one of the most recreation sites in Egypt, Hurghada has wonderful weather, beaches, resorts, and hotels, many tourists make Hurghada their first destination to enjoy wonderful Egypt tour packages, so we will explain the top resorts for a magical holiday in this article.


The Tropical Sahl Hasheesh Resort

Is Hurghada’s most splendid locations in the red sea. It is located 18 km south of Hurghada international airport and holds some of the best hotels, restaurants and magnificent beachfront. The resort enjoys every mean of entertainment within the best satisfying service.


Giftun Azur Resort

One of the oldest & Majestic resorts in the city of Hurghada is Giftun Azur Resort. Considered by many to be a true landmark as it totally reflects the beauty of Hurghada and the spirit of Egypt. It is located 3 km from Hurghada international airport and houses amazing Hotels, restaurants that enjoy the finest service and the coolest means of entertainment.


The Sunrise Resort

A classical resort 9 km away from Hurghada international airport, and the home to one of the relaxing spots in Hurghada. It is a unique holiday resort situated on a private beach lagoon and provides the most relaxing feeling and revitalizing atmosphere accompanied by the best service located in the finest hotels, restaurants, spa treatment centers and the most exciting nightlife, all of these and more you can enjoy through Hurghada excursions.


Cleopatra Luxury Resort

Is one of the few tropical resorts the truly reflects the natural magical colorful beauty of the red sea. It perfects the balance between tranquility and luxury and provides the ultimate form of comfort accompanied with the best means entertainment while enjoying the finest service.


Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort

Is the ideal destination for anyone looking for the perfect holiday. Located 32 km away from Hurghada international airport. It’s the main region and the best location for diving and snorkeling and the finest hotel and restaurant accompanied by the finest service within the best tropical weather imaginable.
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Since I was young, I was dreaming to travel new places that attracted me, Hurghada after my vacation there, I explained that one of the best cities in the world, so read my article to know the best resorts that I discovered in Hurghada Red Sea.