One of the most important element of criminal justice system is defense. Whether the guilty one is rightly accused or wrongly accused of a crime, the right to fair trial in the form of opportunity to defend himself is one of the fundamental constitutional rights. In order to fight for this constitutional right and defend the person charged with a crime, criminal defense attorney plays a significant role in the course of a criminal case. A criminal defense attorney knows the lacunas of a criminal justice system. Therefore, he attempts to use these lacunas as a defense shield for his client. If you are looking for lawyers in Michigan who can fight your case, you have come to the right place.

Why Do You Need the Help of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have been accused or charged with a crime, you should immediately seek the help of a criminal defense attorney. This is because your attorney will know the proceedings of a criminal case and hence, will help you to prepare for it. Having a criminal charge can not only tarnish your reputation but, will also adversely impact your family. Therefore, it is important for you to fight your case tooth and nail in the court of law, especially if you have been accused of the crime that you did not commit.

Your criminal defense attorney will explain the nuts and bolts of your case and provide the guidelines along with your legal and constitutional rights. For instance, during the criminal proceedings, you have the right to legal representation and the right to remain silent. You can use these rights for your own advantage. Your criminal defense attorney will prepare you for the possible mouse-traps laid by prosecution and how to respond in a topsy-turvy situation. In addition to it, from collection of documents to analysis of evidences, your criminal defense attorney will know and understand the loopholes and any red flags that can give any advantage to the prosecution. Furthermore, criminal defense attorneys have connections within the field of legal practice. Therefore, there is a possibility that they already know the weaknesses of prosecution. This will put you in a better position for defense.

Remember that as soon as you are informed of any charge against you, you have no time to lose. You should immediately seek the services of a criminal defense attorney by using your right to legal representation. This is because any delay can be used by prosecution as a piece of evidence against you.

Common Criminal Charges for Which You Will Need a Criminal Defense Prosecutor

As mentioned before, you should never go to the court of law alone in order to face the criminal charges against you. Always seek the services of a criminal defense prosecutor who knows his job.

There are common criminal charges for which you will need a criminal defense attorney. Even though, these charges are common, there can be dire consequences of such criminal cases that can put you, your family and your entire future on stake.

Theft Crimes: You will need a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with theft crimes, such as embezzlement, retail fraud and misdemeanor theft.

Federal Crimes: These crimes include tax fraud, drug and human trafficking, bank fraud and other white collar crimes

Gun and Firearm Charges: These include unlawful and concealed possession of weapons.

Traffic Crimes: These include traffic violations such as drunk driving, unlawful use of vehicle, underage driving and hit and run accidents etc.

Sex Offense Charges: You will need a good criminal defense attorney for sex offense charges. These charges include rape, criminal sexual conduct, prostitution and child pornography.

Drug Charges: This is one of the serious yet common charges. These charges include manufacturing of a controlled substance under federal and state laws, delivery of drugs and possession of cocaine, marijuana and heroin etc.

Domestic Violence Charges: Domestic violence is one of the most common and serious charge in Michigan. Due to increasing awareness related to women rights and women empowerment, having a charge of domestic violence can land you into real trouble. The dynamics of domestic violence need serious contemplation on the part of both defense and prosecution. Moreover, there have been numerous instances of wrong charges of domestic violence against one partner. Therefore, if you have been charged with a crime that comes under domestic violence, you should immediately retain the services of domestic violence defense lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In addition to it, for general information, the charges that come under domestic violence include financial abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, forced sex, sexual abuse and assault, threatening, slapping, punching, choking, biting, marital rape, and other acts of intimidation. Furthermore, the charges of domestic violence are not confined to husband-wife relationship. If you are in a live-in relationship, you can be charged with domestic violence.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Carefully

You should choose and hire a criminal defense attorney carefully. It would not be wrong to suggest that hiring a competent, professional and good criminal defense attorney is a matter of life and death for the person who has been charged with some sort of crime. Therefore, you should always consider the following things before seeking the services of a criminal defense attorney.

Legal Record of a Criminal Defense Attorney

You should do your own research by accessing the legal record of a criminal defense attorney. The winning record of defense attorney will provide you a yardstick for merit.

Experience of a Criminal Defense Attorney

The experience of a criminal defense attorney is one important factor that will play a significant role in your case. Each case has its own peculiarities with downsides. An attorney with years of experience can help you handle any unexpected turns and twists in your case.

Confidentiality, Personal Involvement and Understanding

Before seeking the services of a defense attorney, you should make sure that your attorney has the repute of seriousness and personal involvement in the case. Moreover, your attorney should understand your view-point, has the ability to prevent any information leak and maintains the attitude of confidentiality.  This can be only possible if your attorney is a professional in his field.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Approach

Your attorney should have an aggressive criminal defense approach. Remember that you want to win the case and clear your name out of false charges. Therefore, an attorney with aggressive approach can make sure that he does everything in order to help you fight and win your case.