All over the world, and especially in Australia, living in retirement complexes is said to become practically triple as we move through the upcoming four decades. As of now, we have more than 1,850 retirement towns in just Australia. And these villages are home to more than 138,000 individuals all over the nation.

This brings us to the question – what exactly is retirement living? And what are retirement villages? In the simplest of terms, a retirement village is a housing complex or residential community which provides not only accommodation, but socialization and entertainment opportunities to older adults, as well. It is not necessary that the elderly people living in these complexes must be vulnerable and dependent on care from agencies. Healthy adults who just want to move away can live here, as well. Space and opportunities are available for everyone who wants to start over in a new place.



Doesn’t the concept of an RV lifestyle sound tempt to you? We know it does to us! Especially at Latitude25 – since it appears to be perfect at giving residents the lives they have always dreamed of. Following are some of the reasons you should think about converting to this lifestyle and moving to one of the retirement villages in Australia:

The Network & Community:

In this present reality where it is a well-known fact that most individuals are starting to live alone or moving far from their families and companions more and more – for either financial reasons or just personal ones, the idea of a retirement village should be extremely tempting as this life will enable you to feel that you, too, are a chunk of a genuine network, something which is regularly lost in this day and age.

Try not to think too little of the advantages which come when you are living amongst a network of Australians which more or less have the same mindsets as you and are at a comparable phase of life. You will get many chances of not just finding people who have the same history and qualities as you, but also making the most of the social contact, association, unwinding, fraternity and physical and enthusiastic security that a retirement village lifestyle gives.


The way of comfort and life which is provided by a retirement village can be ideal for just about anyone! Most of these retirement complexes and towns usually provide a large variety of common areas which will be shared by everyone residing there. You will also get access to offices and other facilities if the need arises.

Your homes will be those that do not require too much maintenance, and your gardens will be the type that you can just bolt and leave on the off chance that you need to go across the country. Most of the houses offered to you are topographically arranged in attractive areas and even lie in very close proximities to proper pleasantries and administrations.


Packing up all your belongings and moving to a retirement village just might be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. The residency provides you with very adaptable administrations. For example, we can say that most retirement complexes, if not all, provide you with villas, which are also known as independent living units (ILUs). These villas are almost everywhere and can be considered self-care units or condos, and give a scope of general administrations to assist all inhabitants.

Most retirement residencies also provide you with extra services, which can sometimes include individual consideration, or personal care as we commonly know it. If you are old and have dementia or Alzheimer’s, you can have these extra services on “pay as you go” and “as required” conditions, every once in a while.

Want to know the best part of the adaptability offered by most retirement villages in Australia, and the rest of the world? If there is a change in your needs, the administrations being offered to you can also be balanced in similar manner, so they can fit your new requirements.

Another good thing is that while there are bunches of amicable faces, commonplaces, community conveniences, abilities and activities, it will be totally up to you how strong your desire to be associated with the network is. Your privacy and security will almost never be compromised.

Reasonableness and Efficiency

The biggest advantage of living in a retirement home, and one which not many people living in Australia are aware of, is the fact that retirement village lifestyles are very moderate and affordable for almost everyone. In simple words, we can say that monetary wise, this is a remarkable way to live.

The reason behind this affordability is that it is common sense that conveniences and administrations can be given to a large quantity of people much more proficiently than they can be given to isolated individuals. This leads to living in a town increasingly open to the normal Australian as it offers very less expenses and charges, in comparison to everything else.

Activities and Socialization in the Community:

Retirement village living gives a lot of opportunities to work collectively to its residents. These activities may include carpentry, gardening, cooking, making baked goods, arts and crafts and so much more, and they give the people more autonomy and opportunity to participate in the exercises they desire the most.

Another chance to participate in the community you may consider your “new family” is the numerous merry, residence-wide occasions which are sorted out at regular intervals at every All Seniors Care all over the nation. These events have their very own unique menu, decorations and recreational exercises. Inhabitants are frequently urged to spend the rest of their lives vigorously, fully and freely alongside jamming, exercising and snacking together every chance they get with their newfound friends.

Hence, living in a retirement village might be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. Start planning now!

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