In a world where everyone seems to be busy and with little time to do even trivial things like shopping in a brick and mortar jewelry store, many people have now turned to online stores as their preferred place for shopping. Usually, people who are looking for expensive jewelry such as diamond engagement rings, earing etc. they go to a brick and mortar shop. However, in recent times, some people prefer buying diamond jewelry online.

However, when it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry or for a piece of jewelry many people don’t know where to begin. I can attest to the stress I went through the first time I wanted to buy an engagement ring. While shopping for other goods online is quite straightforward and easy, the same cannot be said when it comes to diamonds or any other expensive jewelry. To tell you the truth it’s as stressful and confusing as buying a new car for the first time. There are a ton of things you need to know about diamonds first or else you might end up with what looks like a diamond but isn’t or worse you end up buying blood diamonds. Yup! It’s true.

So what are some of the thing you need to know before you set out to buy let’s say an engagement ring.

  1. What’s your Engagement Ring Budget?
  2. What type of ring style do you want to buy?
  3. What’s your significant other’s ring size?

As for the intricacies on diamonds such as carat size, composition, rating etc. well you should do some research on that too.

Once you have identified and answered the questions above, the next step is where to buy your engagement ring.

While there is no shortage of online stores selling diamonds, I will tell you about my experience shopping at this great online store Diamond Plaza Florida. In some way, it’s a review. Ok, without further ado let’s get into it, shall we?

After doing tons of research online, I thought for sure that I was going to buy an engagement ring from one of the online retailers suggested by my friends. However, however, I found a setting I thought my fiancée will like at Diamond Plaza Florida. Since I live in Fort Lauderdale I scheduled an appointment and went to the physical store. when I got there I had the pleasure of working with a lady who was extremely polite, helpful and not at all pushy. I had a full hour to ask questions and view multiple diamond grades. I narrowed down my options to a few great choices that match my predetermined budget. Again I checked online to compare the price with other  online stores. I found a similar GIA diamond online at a higher price which immediately made up my mind. Needless to say, my fiancée loved the ring. I must say the whole purchasing experience was hassle-free and professional and I would highly to recommend Diamond Plaza Florida to my friends.

They do have stores in Miami and Hollywood. With a wide variety of diamonds and large inventory of loose diamonds, wholesale diamonds, engagement rings you will definitely find something. In short click the links and see for your self eh!