Not so long ago cash registers were the norm for most businesses. Fast forward to recent time innovations have led to the development of newer tech and systems to help businesses manage their operations efficiently. One such system is the POS (point of sale) system. Whether your business is a hospital, full-service restaurant, hotel, nightclub, fast food franchise, convenience store or an online retail business, A POS (Point of Sale) software is an indispensable equipment to make your business run efficiently. The technology system records sale transactions, provides inventory tracking and almost all business-related transactions.

It is an invaluable system to have and while the system is enticing not all POS solutions should be treated equal and your specific business needs will determine what type of point of sale software is best for your business. While there are so many different POS software solutions on the market, and at first glance, they may seem not all that different, some are better than others.

POS solutions can either be the traditional one-time software purchase and installations with maybe updates and support or web-based like the ones provided by ehopper. You can learn more about the different POS solutions provided by ehopper.. They even have an essential package that will cost you $0 yup! Free of charge for you to use this is especially good for people with kiosk businesses but if your business is a medium-size or fairly large one you will need a package with more feature you should choose the freedom package instead. 


In my opinion, web-based solutions provide more benefits.

Using ehopper POS solutions has the following advantages;

  • Since it is a web-based system Ehopper POS solution works on all devices that support iOS, Android, Windows.
  • Provide localization; support global currencies, languages, date formats
  • Supports a wide variety of POS hardware such as all-in-one POS system, Poynt terminal, PCs, Android tablets, and iPads.
  • They provide all core features for retail and food and drink industry. That is, the ability to process payments, cash/credit cards, inventory and customer management, employee management and more.
  • As earlier mentioned, their pricing offers a very generous free plan, unlimited products, and all users have the option to choose an affordable premium plan to unlock all features.
  • Direct Support; one big benefit is direct support. Using a web-based POS solution eliminates the need for retailers to wait for service providers to show up on site in order to fix problems. Since these solutions are available through the web all of the support is done through explainer videos, e-mail, phone or live chat. So support is done remotely. In the long run, this reduces support costs and also decreases any potential downtime.

So if you run a business big or small and you need a versatile POS solution that will integrate seamlessly with your business, you can visit their website to learn more