Commander One 2.0 has something special for everyone. The latest version will make work much more efficient for Mac. It is a free file manager for Mac that features the dual-plane interface and has 3 view models, along with unlimited tabs to allow you to easily move around and copy files. There are various powerful features which can be used to make your browsing experience much better.


Manage Content Smoother

When you use Commander One 2.0 for Mac, managing content will most certainly be smoother and easy to do. The user-interface is faster and has a better efficiency for the workflow.

Advanced Search

Manage work flow with the help of advanced search that makes it easy to locate files quickly. There is also the option for operations queuing, ZIP support, hotkeys setup, preview for multiple types of files such as hex and binary.

Since the first release of Commander One, a lot has changed. The number of active users continues to increase due to the changes. The famous dual-panel file manager makes it easy to make the most out of the classic solution.


Why Use Commander One 2.0?

There are various reasons why Commander One 2.0 is the ultimate file manager out there for Mac users. It has all the qualities of a Total Commander, native Finder alternative, stable Android file transfer system and reliable FTP client. Due to the various features offered by Commander One, it is the ultimate advanced tool for document sharing and files management for mobile gadgets, clouds and Mac.


After considering all of the feedback from users, the Commander One 2.0 has been made after making plenty of improvements. Some of the issues have been fixed as well such as support for Cyrillic characters for the FRP connections, support for AZERTY keyboard and the display for symbolic link icons. Thus, the software is much faster, stable and has a better user-interface for the Mac OS. Here are some of the improvements that have been made.

  • Support for UTF-8 for FTP connections.
  • Works perfectly with MTP devices.
  • Built-in terminal functionality.
  • The icon size changes when the font size is adjusted.
  • The operation speed of the Web DAV connection.
  • The functionality of the operations queue.

New Features Added

Besides, the improvements that have been made, there are certainly new features that are added. Here are some of the newest features that have been added to Commander One.

  • Ability to open and edit files that are stored on online connections, in archives (except for RAR), on MTP and iOS devices
  • Support for and
  • Open Stack Swift (Object Storage) has a new type of connection
  • New regions are supported
  • The server endpoint for Amazon S3 can be selected
  • SSO support for OneDrive
  • Supports encryption on online connection, Dropbox business, Google Team Drives, Finder Extensions, Finder Tags and Dark Mode for Mac OS
  • There is also support for Open SSH keys for the SFTP connections
  • Ability to configure the appearance of both the built-in terminal and preview
  • UI language according to preference can also be selected