Comparium is said to release by the end of 2019. It is a cross-browsing website testing service that uses powerful software to provide accurate results. QA specialists can rejoice knowing that Comparium is the only service they will need to use to test websites automatically. Save money and time by using the best website testing service that is Comparium.  

It can be difficult to keep up with the number of platforms, versions, and browsers that clients use, especially if there are many web pages that require testing on a daily basis. This is why you need Comparium to make your life much easier. It is the ultimate website testing tool that will revolutionize website testing. 

Key Features of Comparium Web Page Test

The first Comparium version that is about to be launched this year is meant to be a convenient web application that will provide users with the basis which they require for website testing. Test the browser and the web page design for any operating system. There is no need to test each combination manually. Thus, you will save up on time. 

Easy website testing is offered by Comparium. All one needs to do is enter the web page to find out the results. Users will be provided screenshots of their web page design. With Comparium, one can learn about the browser compatibility of web pages within just minutes. 

Supports Different Web Browsers As Well As Their Versions

Manage web browser testing with the first Comparium version. Test web pages on different web browsers and operating systems.

The browsers supported include Safari 11.0, Firefox 67.0, 68.0, Google Chrome 73.0, 74.0, 75.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, 11.0. Use visual compatibility testing for multiple web browsers.



Supports Browsers for Different Platforms

Effortless web testing for any platform is a possibility when you use Comparium. It provides you with access to modern operating systems and browsers. Cross-browser testing is supported by Comparium. 

Receive Offline Reports

All one has to do when testing the website, is to enter the URL and their email address. Comparium will take care of the rest. No more having to wait for screenshots to be captured and staring at the computer for an extended period of time. The screenshots taken would be automatically sent to your email.  

Road Map of Comparium

Users will get to take advantage of Comparium with every new version release. The platform is committed to offering innovative solutions. The first version is launching soon and the second version would support client Selenium scripts in order to test different on-page scenarios. Each new version will make life much easier. 

The best thing about the first Comparium version is the fact that it would be distributed for free. Keep in mind that additional features might need to be purchased. Comparium is planning on providing access to test the API in the future. Buckle up because Comparium is set to change the entire web testing landscape. The service will help hundreds of QA specialists throughout the world.