The exercise and yoga clothes are very comfortable and of high quality. However, it tends to be quite expensive. Although, there are cheap brands like Electric Yoga that change this paradigm. It is a designer brand, with original, comfortable and affordable clothing. Since its inception, they have stood out for being one of the best options in sportswear for women.

Today, Electric Yoga has sports clothing of all kinds. They adapt to the preferences and physical complexion of any woman, without losing their quality or increasing their economic prices. There are different purchasing methods, with an extensive catalog of thousands of garments. You just have to know how to search and choose well. In today’s guide, we will tell you everything you need about this brand of women’s sportswear.

Origins of Electric Yoga

Today, Stephanie Bohbot runs this renowned sportswear brand. However, her origins date back 3 decades, when Stephanie’s mother decided to embark on the world of fashion design. Her goal was to create a comfortable, affordable clothing line that could help women improve their sports performance. In particular, in the area of ​​yoga.

Over the years, Stephanie would start helping her mom with the company. Thanks to her, the brand managed to expand throughout the United States. It triumphed by achieving great recognition, for all the qualities that its garments possess. From comfort to accessibility. Today, it remains an independent sportswear company, available across the country.

Where can I get access to your catalog?

Like other similar designer brands, Electric Yoga has different portals to check out its clothing catalog. First, because it is a brand whose parts are available in sports stores throughout the United States. It can even be obtained outside the country. However, the main method of access to its catalog is through the internet.

In the different sales pages, social networks and official website, you have the complete catalog to see, choose and buy. In addition to this, you can subscribe to its newsletter, to be aware of all the news that the brand offers. On the other hand, you have the option to buy with credit and debit card, with total security. Shipments are insured and free.

Advantages of buying from Electric Yoga

The sports garments of this renowned brand offer many benefits when exercising. In addition, they provide comfort on a day-to-day basis. They are pieces of the highest possible quality, comparable to the main brands on the market. The main difference is that these products are cheaper and easier to get. In addition to this, they offer you the following series of benefits.

  • Each of the garments of this brand are designed and made in their own factory. In such a way, problems in the manufacture thereof are eliminated. On the other hand, it allows the costs of your garments to be cheaper, without causing damage to the environment in the process.
  • It is a company whose founders and current owners are women. Every part of the manufacturing process is aimed at feminine comfort. They work together with other women-owned businesses to promote female empowerment.
  • They have been making sports garments of this type for more than 30 years. Therefore, the quality of its products has been refined over the years. Today, they are comfortable, fashionable and durable pieces. They will help you exercise, yoga and any other physical activity. In addition, this sportswear brand is very durable. Its pieces have the ability to last for years.

The best garments that this brand has in its catalog

Depending on the site where you search, you can get different garments from the Electric Yoga catalog. In most cases, the cost of them remains the same economical. You can choose a piece by categories or price range, depending on your preferences. Similarly, in the following list, we will tell you about the best garments that they have available for purchase.

Sundrop Cropped Top

In the catalog, you can get a wide variety of tops. Although, the Sundrop Cropped Top model is one of the best sellers. First, because it has a cheap price. Second, for its amazing fashion design. It is a garment made of super soft fabric, ideal for doing all kinds of sports. It provides great comfort and is available in all women’s sizes.

Keep It Up Tank

On the other hand, the Keep It Up Tank model is available. It is much cheaper than the previous garment, as it belongs to a different line. It is black, with light fabric that absorbs moisture. It is a shirt that helps you improve perspiration when training, to keep you cool and mobile. The piece is available in multiple sizes. In addition, its fabric is strip.

Honor Leggings

In order to have the greatest possible flexibility and comfort when exercising, you need to purchase the Honor Legging model. It is black, with mesh pockets on the sides and two additional pockets on the waist. It is made of 75% nylon and 25% elastane. Its design is modern, elegant and offers great protection. The price is accessible, in any of its sizes. It fits easily and is very durable.

Warrior Tank Top

Another of the best garments for exercising and playing sports is the Warrior Tank Top. It is white, adjustable and made with high quality materials. Features 4-way stretch interlock seams. It can be easily washed in a washing machine. The best thing about this product, apart from its price, is the versatility it offers. It is used for training, yoga and activities of the daily routine.

Python Leggings

Finally, the Python Legging model is another good performance option for yoga and other types of training. It is made of polyester and elastane, with durable threads that outperform the competition. It can be washed in a washing machine and dries in a short time, due to the way it was made. It is available in all sizes, with a more than economical price. It is comfortable to wear and very durable. Thousands of women around the world recommend it, for all the benefits it can offer.