About Rob Snow

Rob Snow joined Morgan Stanley in Houston in October 2008. Since that time, he has risen to the role of Senior Vice President and Financial Adviser. For over 20 years, Robert has been helping Texans to plan for their future and make their present brighter.

Rob Snow is a business graduate from the University of Houston who found his passion in the finance industry.

Using over 20 years of experience Rob Snow ensures to provide effective results of people’s hard-earned money. He is the senior vice president of the cornerstone financial group located in Houston, Texas. Morgan Stanley has 16,000 financial advisors in all 50 states.

Throughout his work life, Rob Snow has maintained a disciplined way of investing as he focuses on long-term financial goals. He has been through some of the major shifts happening in the global financial market. The whole knowledge and expertise have resulted to build and protect high net worth individuals.


What are Municipal Bonds?

If an investor wants tax advantage growth what should he do? Municipal bonds are worth considering for situations like this. They provide tax-free growth and can be an ideal place to save your money for golden days

Municipal Bonds are securities issued by local governments or by other governments to finance capital projects such as constructing highways or sewers. Due to this reason, the investor does not have to pay tax on interest payments. 

According to statistics, the municipal bond market is worth $3.8 trillion. This makes municipal bonds attractive investment options for high tax brackets. 


Types Of Bond You Need To Know About:

There are mainly three types of bonds as mentioned by exchange commissions. 


  • General Obligation Bond


This type is the most common one that is based on the issuer’s full faith and credit. It consists of 60% of the total bond. It is the most secure one and the investor pays them using current tax revenues. 


  • Revenue Bonds:


The remaining part of the bond is the revenue bond. It comprises 40% of the total. This type of bond is for highways, sports arenas and sponsored development of the city. This bond generates revenues for the above projects. These are not backed by the government. 

The third type of bond is issued sometimes on behalf of private entities. The municipality just sells the bond and is not a reliable one because there is a chance that the borrower will not pay. 


How Municipal Bonds Work:

For investors who need a tax-free revenue system, municipal bonds work the best, just like a california notary surety bond. It works in a way that twice a year bondholders must pay interest to investors. Simply, bondholders lend money to bond issuers alone. The issuers must pay back the money when the maturity date of the bond comes. The bond issuer pays the interest until the last date that is three years for short term bonds and 10 years or more for other bonds. 

These bonds are available on the municipal bond seller or through municipal bond funds. But you need to check whether these sources have gone through registration or not. 


How To Know About Their Rate

The rate of municipal bonds depends on three main factors. 

Firstly, most bond rates are decided based on equivalent treasuring bond yield. These bonds are issued by the Federal government and are risk-free. On the contrary, munis bonds have a more risk so they have higher rates than federal bonds.  

A credit rating is the most important one. The highest rating till now is AAA. They are more secure and safest. If a bond has higher credit value its rate will be low but if its credibility is low the rate will be high to compensate for default. 

Lastly, the yield will be more if a bond has a longer maturity time say 30 years than those of less maturity time. It is the preferred one because investors want their money to be safe and to yield for a longer time


How To Buy It?

You can buy these bonds from the bank, municipality office or your financial advisor. You can consult it on the website of Electric Municipal Market Assets. They will give you information about the types of bonds, their yield and maturity time. You can know about the pros and cons of using bonds and audited financial statements. If you want to buy many bonds this pace is the right one. 


Posing Threats:

A study conducted by Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker titled “Final Report of the State Budget Crisis Task Force.” In 2014 put forward some risks and flaws associated with this system. They presented some threats posed by this system of bonds. These are:

Because of this, cities do not have enough money to start new influential projects or even face difficulty in supporting education and other services. This was all about municipal bonds. If you want to buy one, make sure it is registered. 


Robert Snow’s top services include:

  • Financial planning

Financial advisors can help you determine an asset allocation strategy to help you reach your goals, then put those strategies in place. The Financial Advisor can also work with your tax and legal advisors to help create a personalized plan that helps minimize your taxes, incorporates estate and philanthropic goals and covers your future health-care needs.

  • Retirement planning

Financial advisors specialize in serving certain types of clients. When choosing a financial advisor, it’s important to keep in mind whether you’re looking for someone to help you get ready for retirement or protect your wealth.

  • Wealth management

Morgan Stanley has an exceptionally large team of 16,000 wealth management representatives. However, Morgan Stanley makes it easy to sift through its thousands of advisors to find the right fit for you.

Find an advisor

  • Municipal bonds

For most municipal bonds, high yield and tax-efficient equity accounts, as well as financial planning services, there’s a $250,000 minimum for Morgan Stanley’s Fiduciary Services program.

  • 401 (k) rollover

When you rollover your 401(k) to an IRA, you may want to consider Morgan Stanley Access Investing, where you can choose retirement as your goal and set an expected time frame until you retire.

Robert’s way of working includes detailed research according to your given portfolio as his expertise is not only to assist in investments but to increase your net worth as well. Not only he is the financial advisor but he also assists people in raising their capitals by offering mergers as well.

According to the current global market, Morgan Stanley has presented its new proposal for sustainable investing as well. With Robert Snow time tested approaches and inclusive innovation sustainable investing is the future boom for many investors. Even people tend to support such investments that can help the environment too. With their sustainable investing, Robert Snow’s goal is to reduce 50 million metric tons of plastic waste from water and land till 2030.

When it comes down to the hard part where you must invest your money, you really need to make some strong and life-changing decisions. As a personal finance company, we spend our time researching trends in spending, saving, and budgeting. Our current consensus reads: the spending statistics in America are staggering.

As of the 4th quarter of 2019, consumer spending in the U.S. hit a record of $13.4 trillion, of which discretionary spending clocks in at $1.4 trillion, or just over 10% of total spending.

Here’s the average amount of debt for each age group:

  • Under 35: $67,400
  • 35–44: $133,100
  • 45–54: $134,600
  • 55–64: $108,300
  • 65–74: $66,000
  • 75 and up: $34,500

In the global and changing market, you need to make some fast and effective decisions when it comes to wealth management.

Investors are turning to professionals for guidance on their investment decisions. More than half (54%) of high-net-worth investors in the U.S. currently work with a financial professional, according to a Morgan Stanley survey.

The factors that contribute to investors working with financial advisors

  • retirement contributions (87%)
  • asset allocation (86%)
  • market analysis (83%)
  • changes in tax policy (80%)

Financial planning is today one of the leading talks of every corner around the world. In 1000 U.S. households there are at least $100,000 in investible assets. People today have the knowledge and professional help to use their money for further financial freedom. Even the retirement plan is now people start looking for many years before. What if you want to enjoy some summer vacations and have a good time with your spouse on the beach? Today 31% of investors have their own financial advisors to set their goals and investments for them.