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Motorcycle Helmet Test

The most important feature of a motorcycle helmet is obviously the protection that it offers to the person who wears it. The motorcyclists who have bene in the filed know that the protection is not the only feature that they look out for, but the style of the helmet and the fitting are also essential features. No matter which type of helmet you are looking for, be it a full-faced helmet, open-faced helmet, or a flip-up helmet, Rocker culture is the place for you to be!

Let’s elaborate on the numerous types of helmets and the tests that have been performed on them! Find more information on Motorradhelm Test.

  • Full-face helmets:

Various sources show that full-face helmets are the ones that provide you with the highest protection. If you are to select a full-face helmet, you will be going for the safest option that is available to you. The helmet can be used in winters or even in the summers. The greatest protection is provided to you by the full-face helmet through the visor and the part of the lower chin as well. Three types of Motorcycle Helmet Tests have been conducted on this helmet. The Shoei NXR Plain Test reports that you have variety when it comes to this style of the helmet as it is available in four sizes. The helmet is able to absorb a lot of force and pressure due to the materials that have been used in making the helmet; multifiber and organic fiber. There are slots for ventilation that allow to keep the head cool. The HJC RPHA 10 Plus Test has also been conducted on this type of helmet. It reports that the helmet RPHA 10 Plus is of a very high quality and is available in three different sizes. Revised ACS is also a part to provide you with better ventilation when you are using the helmet. Next is the HJC IS-17 test, which shows that Navi is the revised and upgraded version of Rider 400. The mount bracket is very stable and hardcore. The shell is an advanced when that is stronger than before.

  • Flip-flop helmets:

These helmets are new to the market and are yet to gain hype all over the place. The visor and the chin guard are a single piece and can be lifted upwards together. HJC IS-17 test reports that this helmet is heavier than the full-face one. They are available in numerous sizes and materials. The helmet will offer you great protection and comfort when it comes to using it. The genus of the helmet is of a high quality and has a 3D padding inside. HJC RPHA Max Evo Test says that the helmet is available in a variety of sizes and it has great stability also. The material with which the helmet has been made is washable and replaceable. It is light weight and allows your head to stay cool with the ventilation system that is installed in it. NOLAN N104 Evo Test concludes that the helmet is an innovative fit that is stylish as well as easy to wear. The opening of the chin is also very comfortable and easy to use for the person who wears the helmet. It is made up of a material that will definitely protect your head against accidents.

  • Motocross helmets:

These helmets have especially been made for off-road driving. Ventilation is guaranteed through the helmet and the chin guard also provides the protection that is needed. The visor is not a part of the helmet and this is why a pair of glasses is offered with the normal equipment. The tear-off visors make the helmets stand out as they provide protection against any dirt or mud. Broken Head Road Pirate Test concludes that the Road Pirate Enduro Helmet is the winner along all helmets. It can also be used as a normal helmet as its visor is removable. It can be used comfortably and it doesn’t move much when it is being used. ATO GS War test is another motorcycle helmet test that has a 6 points system of ventilation. The material used in the making is very stable and doesn’t compromise on the quality at all. The visor is interchangeable and is also scratch resistant.

  • Open helmets:

Open helmets are also known as city helmets and are used mainly for driving in the city. When compared to other types of helmets, open helmets provide the least protection, but they are still being used widely. The protection is low, but it better than no protection at all. SHARK Open Face Raw Test reports that the open face helmet is made by using carbonate material that offers not only comfort, but also a lot of safety. The helmet is very simple to use. The inner side is made up of polyester that can be removed and washed whenever required. It is a go to thing for people who wear glasses frequently or are short sighted. HJC FG-70S test offers a helmet in a very reasonable price. This helmet offers another advantage of protecting your eyes from the sun rays. It is lightweight and can be handled easily.

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