There are a lot of different online sources of income and any software development company will tell you they are very popular!

The same thing is with cryptocurrency – some people think that in a couple of years it will be the main payment method. 

Well, we will see.

But today I want to talk with you about safe ways of crypto trading and storing.

A lot of people when trying to start trading without the proper experience lose all the money they invested.


Because they don’t have experience and don’t know how to trade wisely.

Here we can offer you two ways:

  1. You can start learning, getting experience and testing different strategies;
  2. You can get some experience and find a good and reliable crypto trading signals channel.


According to Crypto Head, many people choose the second way. And here comes the next hard moment – to choose really the legit channel.

Now the crypto market offers you around 500 channels and only 5%-10% of them are legit. 

So how to choose it? 

Okay, before we will talk about it, I would like to tell you what it will be if you choose the bad channel.

Actually the best thing here is when you will lose only money you will spend on subscription. This is the first scheme of scam channels – they take money for subscription and don’t add the user to the paid channel. 

But there is the situation when they take money for subscription and add you to the channel with fake signals and fake profitable results. You invest money, trade with their signals, and then lose all the money you invested. 

That is why it is very important to pay attention to the admins’ communication, pricing, activity, reviews, feedback of other users, etc. 

Now, when you know how to choose the good crypto channel, it is time to talk about safe cryptocurrency storage – the best crypto wallet.

There are a lot of wallets now – hardware, online, desktop, mobile, paper, and here the risk to choose the bad wallet is lower than with crypto channels.


If you choose a bad and unsafe crypto wallet, your assets can become actually not yours…

We advise you to choose a hardware wallet or the wallet with cold storage if you want to store the big amount of crypto together. If you don’t own a lot of assets, you can use a non-custodial mobile wallet. 

I hope you will use all of our advice and your assets will be safe!