It doesn’t take a pro gamer to know about the Nintendo Wii. When it was first released millions of people across the globe were eager to get their hands on this revolutionary gaming system. Granted that the Nintendo Wii had a bunch of shortcomings when it came to trying to execute their gamepads, nonetheless it still managed to deliver a lot of much loved titles. Some examples are Mario Kart, Zelda, Kirby, and Resident Evil. Find a ROM for your smartphone, tablet, or computer when you visit this website without having to risk your computer’s safety and security.

It is perhaps for this reason, that to this day, there’re still some gamers who enjoy Wii games. But what’s a gamer to do if they don’t have a Wii console in their possession? The obvious solution is to download an emulator and some ROM games; here are the top 5 sites from where you can get your Wii games free of charge. Website visitors will easily be able to review game ratings to have a clear idea of what to expect before downloading a game.


Voted as one of the best and safest sites in 2020 for ROM downloads, Gamulator carries a large selection of games for a variety of consoles both new and old. What makes this site so enjoyable is the ease by which users can search their favorite games. Although new to the scene, Gamulator is one of the few sites that update their ever growing list on a daily basis. On the site, users can locate ROMs for every single game console that once was available. The site’s interface is very user friendly with ROMs sorts out into categories. Gamers in search of Nintendo Wii ISOs will surely have no trouble locating the game of their choice thanks to Gamulator’s seamless structure and safe direct download feature. Find a ROM for your smartphone, tablet, or computer when you visit this website without having to risk your computer’s safety and security.


ROMs Mania

ROMs Mania has every emulator as well as ROMs that you can think of; this includes a large selection of console games, the Nintendo Wii being one of them. Website visitors will easily be able to review game ratings to have a clear idea of what to expect before downloading a game.  Like many other ROM sites, the user interface of ROMs Mania is sleek and simple, allowing for better visitor experience.



Another 2020 favorite, this webpage is a significant gaming resource addition, just like WebLink. Site visitors will find thousands of games and the latest emulators in its library. Site visitors will find ratings, video game previews, game play tips, and even clear screenshots of games. Additionally, the site also carries a huge selection of ROMs that can be downloaded along with emulators for access that is more efficient.  The site also allows visitors to directly play games on the site which is perfect for those who want to try out a game before downloading or for those who simply want to do away with downloading anything onto their computer. Gamers flock to this site since it has been touted as malware and virus free.


The Old Computer

Known for having a large collection of Wii ROMs and other games for old school gaming hardware. As it happens, Nintendo Wii is one of the more classic systems that the site cares to. A quick visit to the site should give visitors a feel of how easy it is to locate a favorite game, even when there are over half a million ROMs to be found in their database from more than one hundred fifty divergent gaming manufacturers.



An underrated site and pretty unheard of to most gamers, this small site is actually a gem of a find. If you haven’t been on the site yet, you will be absolutely blown away by what Nicoblog has to offer. Wii fans can easily locate and download ROMs and enjoy discussions with other gamers in the forums on a wide array of topics.

While the site doesn’t have as many games yet, at least not as many as other well established brands. To be fair, their current selection is the product of careful curation of more classic Wii games. Therefore, gamers who are looking for newer choices will be disappointed. On the other hand, popular titles are available for download. To check out more best and safe ROMs sites 2020 you can visit And if you need assistance with cybersecurity, BCA IT in Miami is an IT support service firm that can assist you with all your needs.