The legalization of cannabis for medicinal use has certainly increased the curiosity. People want to know how they can incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle which can help them in availing its therapeutic benefits. There are many benefits of consuming cannabis and this is something which is stated by medical experts across the globe. Cannabis is extremely safe to consume and can help in reducing chronic body pain, improve mood, promote sound sleep and aid in dealing with depression, stress and anxiety.

There are many myths and stereotypes associated with use and safety of cannabis. If you also have those in mind, then this post will help you in dispelling all of those. Cannabis helps in relaxing your body muscles and tissues which improves the blood flow and thus ultimately helps you in getting past the aches, morning sickness and exhaustion challenges faced by body due to hectic routines. The recreational uses of cannabis help you increasing body metabolism if consumed in appropriate quantities.

With the legalization of recreational pot dispensaries in San Diego, our team decided to check ‘A Green Alternative‘s initiative of making cannabis delivery possible at your door step. Our store has adult-use license which means that you don’t need a medical recommendation to buy cannabis. If you are at least 21 years old, then you are fine to just visit us with your Government ID age proof and we will be happy to serve you.


There are many medical benefits attached to consumption of Cannabis and it is recommended by medical professionals.

  • It can help you in achieving a perfect score on BMI index as it keeps obesity under control.
  • It increases your creativity skills because it enhances your concentration level which ultimately improves your performance and success graph.
  • It has also been proven that cannabis can kill potential cancer cells in the body.
  • It is the safest drug available when compared to alcohol, cigarettes and heroin. It can help you in giving up on those and embracing the health benefits.

Here we can assure you on the quality of the product that you will be served. The shelf products which we offer are hybrids, edibles, Satvas and Indicas. You can browse through the menu available at the hyperlink provided and you can be rest assured about the high standards of quality and potency. We would like to emphasize that A green alternative provides products that are medically tested by PharmLabs.