Omaha, Nebraska, is one of the ideal cities in the country alive with the culture and tradition of the United States. It has key attractions like displayed World War II bombs, the best zoo in the country, and a doting cultural heritage that speaks the true heart of Nebraskans.

The city also owns a top Fortune 500 mutual insurance provider and financial service company, Mutual of Omaha. The company was established in 1909 and withered at the heights of the Great Depression, economic instabilities, and various tumultuous moments faced by the country.

If you aim to secure your old age, a mutual of Omaha final expense gives you peace of mind to live your life with confidence and security. It is one crucial element needed when you get to the age where you want to achieve a level of complacence without burdening your loved ones when you depart.


What is a Final Expense Insurance Policy?

The current financial market offers a lot of investment securities, which either cover a funeral expense or not. A Final Expense insurance coverage is a whole life policy with an inclusive death benefit.

This type of coverage will get you approved without the hassles of most conventional life insurances. It is known in the insurance market with various taxonomies, including “burial coverage,” “modified whole-life insurance,” or “funeral assistance.” Either way, these marketing terms denote the small whole-life insurance coverage with a death benefit with an agreed face value.

A final expense insurance coverage does not differ from the traditional life insurance except that they are sold as small policies, making them affordable to almost every American family. It covers significant death expenses, including embalming, cremation or the casket, and the memorial services.

One significant aspect of having a mutual of Omaha final expense policy is that it also allows your loved ones to get some benefits from the insurance policy. It means they can use the funds for whatever purpose, including settling unpaid property taxes or taking a much-needed family holiday. Carl Babers of Burial Insurance Pro mentions ” having a burial insurance policy insures your family will not have to worry about how to pay for your funeral.  At the time of your death, your listed beneficiary will receive a lump sum and tax free death benefit.”


Understanding What Your Final Expense Insurance Covers

Coverage for a final expense policy is not as diminutive as most people think. Although it is intended for people with older ages and after retirement, policy and membership can start for anyone, young and old, who wants to entirely secure their future and be prepared for their eventual demise.

Some people with existing life insurance can extend their coverage to include this type of coverage. However, there are service providers in Omaha who are exclusively catering to this type of insurance policy.

Opting for such security services will include a contract that has to be paid for a certain duration. Coverage often includes all the needed accompaniment to secure burial services and all the inclusive needs.

Funeral and burial coverage:

  • Burial casket
  • Burial plot
  • Embalming
  • Hearse rental
  • Service vehicles
  • Facilities for viewing and ceremony

Funeral with cremation coverage:

  • Cremation casket
  • Embalming
  • Urn
  • Facilities for viewing and ceremonies
  • Service vehicle coverage


Preparations Remove Out of Pocket Expenses Incurred By Your Loved Ones

Many people still think of this type of insurance policy as a gruesome venture considering you are preparing for your death. It might come off more like a death-wish to some when you are just trying to ensure your loved one’s monetary backing upon your death.

Nonetheless, this policy has become a practical solution to some, given the current financial situation and how people have become uncertain about health and life. Consider a Final Expense policy as something that would give you a better privilege of having a pleasant send-off without leaving any additional burden to the loved ones.

Your grieving loved ones will not have to bother much about where to get the money for all the associated funeral expenses. And they do not have to suffer the mental and emotional pains of setting up a whole funeral event. It takes a little discernment to understand such policy coverage’s importance, given that everyone will eventually die.


The Takeaways

This is what makes the difference from someone who is prepared and one who goes with being financially complacent. Remember that death takes a significant toll on your loved ones, including the financial brunt of bidding a good farewell.

It is an inescapable fact that people will all die, but being prepared comes with knowing how to make the exit lighter for their loved ones. Preparing with a burial policy in place frees your loved ones of the financial burden that often contribute to the pains they experience.