The seedsman cannabis seed bank is well known for their genuine cannabis genetics. If you’re looking for a specific cannabis strain and want to ensure it’s authentic, buying from the Seedsman seed bank will ensure just that. They are actually one of the biggest marijuana seed banks online. They are not marijuana breeders, but instead first begun as a resource for packaging cannabis seeds. Another role Seedsman played is helping market and sell marijuana seeds for those who don’t want any spotlight. 


Seedsman Review

The Seedsman seed bank has outstanding reviews that can be found on their Trustpilot page. Many of the seedsman reviews found on trustpilot are overall positive. However, we did notice a bit of complaints about a high ratio of their feminized seeds not germinating.  This sounds like a bit of a concern to us about their current quality control. Their current overall rating on Trustpilot is 4 out of 5 stars. It’s difficult to see which marijuana seeds exactly where the ones not germinating, as the strains were not mentioned in the feedback found online.

Long wait times for delivery was another common complaint found on their Trustpilot page. 

Skip the Seedsman seed bank and buy directly from, they will send out official Seedsman cannabis seeds with a fast mailing time. currently have a 5 out of 5 star overall rating on Trustpilot. This means you can expect the same product but with better customer support according to online reviews. They prioritize our customers with great customer support and products which reflect our reviews found online. tries to maintain breeders who only provide premium cannabis seeds, sometimes there can be bad seeds. 


Seedsman Seed Bank

Their official website has a tremendous amount of cannabis seed options available for purchase. Like many other marijuana seed banks, they accept bitcoin as a form of payment. 

At the moment there is a promotion on the official Seedsman website giving out 3 free seedsman blueberry seeds with a purchase made of 30 euros or more. Other than this current marijuana seed promotion, there are not any Seedsman discount codes available. Buying from our seed bank provides you with free cannabis seeds once the minimum of a 25 Euros purchase is met. The option of strain choices for the free marijuana seed are many and popular. 


Where Is Seedsman Located

The Seedsman headquarters is in the UK. They claim on their website that they spend some of the profit made from the sales of marijuana seeds to help promote positive legal change. The UK currently only allows medical marijuana use and not yet recreational. Find many Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains known for originating in the UK. There is also a broad range of USA cannabis seeds that are famous strains.


So, Is Seedsman Legit? 

The answer is they are known for working with some great marijuana breeders. However, as of late there has been a trend of bad reviews left online for their marijuana seeds. Perhaps they started working with a change of marijuana breeders, but whatever the reason it’s quite alarming. Don’t worry though because we have 89 different pot seed options available in our seed bank. We also take care of our customers if there are any concerns about marijuana seeds purchased. Buy Seedsman seeds from us with confidence, and find premium genetics for affordable prices.