They say SEO is dead. They are dead wrong.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most difficult digital marketing concepts that most people still could not fully grasp. Since most people find this as an alien concept, most are also led to believe that SEO is dead. Adding to this mindset is the fact that Facebook and Instagram advertising is becoming extremely popular, leaving most companies with the impression that so long as they are social media active, they will have conversions, too.

The value of search engine optimization can bring the website to achieve the most of its potential. It is important for businesses to maintain this as an integral part of their marketing mix. Businesses need to have SEO strategies in place to maximize their online presence and more.

Here are five reasons why you need to have SEO in your marketing mix:

  1. It is alive and kicking: A mere Google search for “SEO is Dead” and you will yield a result of thousands (if not millions) of results including articles, videos, infographics, and websites that prove this is wrong. The SEO landscape is changing dramatically from over the last few years, but the fundamental techniques will still work.
  2. Your competitors are still doing it: Do you think your competitors are slacking in the SEO department and are focusing on PPC and other techniques? You are wrong! You could be missing good chances to lead because you are not doing SEO. This is an investment that remains viable since search is still the top way to find information. No matter how much you promote elsewhere, if people cannot search for you online, you are practically a losing business, worse, a business that does not exist.
  1. Organic means people won’t panic: People still trust organic search result and tend to click on these results more frequently than their paid counterparts. eConsultancy published research from GroupM UK and Nielsen detailing how search engine users click on organic search results on Google and Bing more than the paid ads. If you want to enjoy this attention, you should work on your ranking.
  2. SEO lets you enjoy high conversion rate: Web traffic from well-put SEO campaigns by professionals like this phoenix seo expert have better conversion potential since these put the products and services in front of potential clients when they are actively looking for them. Think of how you can serve people the tea they wanted to have instead of desperately scouring through the kitchen counter.
  3. It is cheap: What many business owners fail to see is that hiring SEO gurus actually help them in the long run instead of paying for other campaigns. Compared to other marketing channels (consider PPC, Media Buying, Instagram, and Facebook advertising) SEO campaigns still register better and stronger ROI.

Most business websites need the assistance of a knowledgeable SEO expert in building and sustaining organic search engine rankings. It is an investment that could give the most out of your digital marketing campaigns. After all, by the looks of it, SEO will never be dead.

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