Serviced Apartments were originally for people who needed extra support but do not qualify in the bracket of old age care. The serviced apartment can also be referred to as an apartment for extended stay because it is a complete full fledge furnished apartment which can be utilized accordingly for short of long terms depending on the person’s needs. The serviced apartments have all elements of a hotel offering you services for room service, meals, gym, housekeeping and laundry. The serviced apartments have complete kitchen and laundry in case you want to help yourself.

These apartments are like five-star hotel accommodation which is why these are often used to host professionals, and people of local and international business who need a temporary place to live which has all services but also feels like home. Although it is used mostly by executives all around the world stay in serviced apartments while searching for a permanent residence, it is also used by general public who want to live a life of comfort and luxury. The best part about these apartments are that they offer more space and privacy to people as compared to a hotel room, which is why people prefer serviced apartments more than hotel rooms.


A Second Home

Business travellers are always in need of temporary accommodation options that are away from home and are available in their areas of business to stay in a comfortable environment during their work duration. These people need to move about every now and then and are not quite in favour of the hotel rooms and prefer living in serviced apartments more because of the complete space, privacy and services rather than living the suitcase life. Serviced apartments are the perfect mediocre state between independent and assisted living. While you are around for work, the extra help is helpful as it saves your time and you can relax as well. The serviced apartments have their own space and are formed as a community, which serves you with safe and secure living as well as a welcoming environment. You can live here carefree from the worries of your house chores which includes your grocery shopping and even changing your toilet paper. Your garden is maintained, your meals are prepared. If any time you want to cook for yourself, you can also give the help a day off and have some time for yourself in cooking. The extra help saves you time to focus on yourself and relax your mind. The serviced apartments are designed accordingly to cater to the comfort of clients. You can even add your own personal touches and customize it so whenever you stay it feels exactly like home.



Features of Serviced Apartments

For some people, independent living is an important part of building their career and personalities. And people who shift in serviced apartments do not miss out on the facilities of their homes. These people are so busy in their work lives and routines that the daily chores would pile up if they are not attended to.  Therefore, serviced apartments are an option for the people who do not want to opt for aged care living at an early age as well.


Laundry and Gardening

Your laundry and garden are taken care of entirely by the staff from clean towels to toilet paper. The gardens need a lot of care, and thankfully our team handles the task of maintain the gardens perfectly organized.


Prepared Meals

Unlike your regular home, serviced apartments have the option of room service where you can order delivered meals at your apartment. Whether it be breakfast every morning or dinner, you can choose from the option of eating on your own or in the community room. We have the best skilled chefs and team of delicious cooks that set out healthy menus for you, so you can even enjoy meals with your family and friends in your apartment.


Independent Living

Serviced Apartments offer you independent living while also being a part of a small community where you can create a social circle of your own. The communal dining room, library, salon etc offers you to meet and interact around the community as well as enjoy yourself in the pool or spa as per your choice. Serviced Apartments offer you privacy and space while also saving you from isolation.


Safety and Security

There is a complete security system running all hours on check for the safety of the members of community of serviced apartments. In case of any emergency, you can call assistance or security to help you whenever you need it. This is one of the great benefits of living in serviced apartments as you can live carefree without worrying about your safety and the security of your home.


Affordable living

Serviced apartments are not always of the same range and can vary in prices from place to place depending on the location. There is a monthly service fee that is essential to living in a serviced apartment which covers the costs of all your electricity, medical, domestic help bills etc. Not all serviced apartments are out of reach, you just have to look for the one that suits your needs.


Advantages of Living in a Serviced Apartment

  • A serviced apartment is a complete home, with more facilities, independence and more comfort.


  • A serviced apartment typically is much bigger in space as compared to the typical hotel room while it is also equipped with all hotel facilities.


  • A serviced apartment is still cheaper than living in a hotel room when we are discussing long term tenure. This is because of the total cost of the apartment also includes monthly packages, and sometimes when you don’t use extra help or cook yourself.


  • Any serviced apartment is a reflection of the culture of the area it is located in. It gives an idea of what a real local apartment would look like, and essential elements of the local culture.